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Evan is a student at East Texas Tech, majoring in computer science. He is Sheldon Cooper's college roommate and friend.

While he was working on a Pascal compiler for alpha processors on his computer, Sheldon suddenly comes in and starts questioning him, Evan gives Sheldon a book and tries to ask his name but Sheldon tells Evan to be quiet. After Sheldon finishes the book, Sheldon tells his name and uses his bathroom but he disinfects it instead, while Evan tried to make small talk, Sheldon declines but gets lured in when Evan showed Sheldon a unreleased game called "Star Fire”. Later, while Sheldon was playing, Evan shows a cheat code which Sheldon does not like since Sheldon doesn't cheat and leaves, but comes back proposing to keep the room clean and he keeps the game clean. 14 hours later, while Evan is sleeping, Sheldon wakes him up to say that he has beaten Star Fire and asks for Yoo-Hoo, Evan says he doesn't have any and Sheldon leaves to go grab some but ends up falling asleep in the hallway. (Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker)

Evan comes in his dorm and introduces Joaquin to Sheldon, Evan explains about their plans to beat the stock market. Later, they finish the algorithm and buy the stocks but the computer soon buys foreign stocks. 8 hours later, They double their income and in 12-14 business days, they will become millionaires but their plan soon falls apart when Sheldon reveals that he has added a new subroutine and the stock marker is slowing down and losing money, Joaquin throws the computer out the window. (A Frankenstein's Monster and a Crazy Church Guy)

In Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning, Evan comes to Sheldon's house and they go to his old room (now occupied by Georgie and Mandy) to bring his computer to the college. He expresses interest in the discussion about Georgie and Mandy's wedding and wants to go, although the family denies it. Later, Sheldon gets angry with Evan who betrayed his trust to upgrade the computer in a way he doesn't like it behind his back. Evan upgrades the computer to make it smarter than Sheldon when playing games.