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"A box fell on my head at UPS six years ago, now i just collect disability and ride trains." ― Eric[source]

Eric is a friend of Sheldon that appears in "The Locomotive Manipulation" (S7E15). 

Sheldon meets him on a train ride to Napa Valley on Valentine's Day. He loves trains as much as Sheldon. After a box landed on his head while working at UPS (six years before they meet), he went on disability and rides vintage trains. His train knowledge is quite extensive while his social skills are less than Sheldon's. Sheldon invites him to join him and Amy on their Valentine's Day dinner, much to Amy's and Bernadette's annoyance. 

Sheldon leaves with him and when they return from hanging out alone together, Eric detects a little friction between Sheldon and Amy after they start arguing and he doesn't want to be a third rail. After Amy makes him leave, Sheldon is made by Amy to be romantic to her and he finally kisses her on the lips on his own accord which lasts for 11 seconds which he enjoys. Then he invites her to come with him to the front of the train, which she accepts and when they head for their destination, Eric follows and catches up with them.


  • He got hit on the head by a box at UPS some years before the show. As a result of this incident he now just collects disability and rides trains.