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Howard has invented a new game: Emily or Cinnamon. Players have to guess whether quotes that Howard has heard Rajesh Koothrappali say are about Emily or Cinnamon (nearly all of them turn out to be Cinnamon, revealing that Raj has an unhealthy attachment to his dog). Raj insists that he can't be embarrassed since both of them love him. First quote: "I want you to know that the bed seems so lonely without you in it." Cinnamon. Second quote: "Check it out, I got us matching sweaters." Cinnamon. Leonard says he saw the Christmas card photo, which everyone got. Raj says that a man can care about a girl and his dog, it's not strange. Leonard heard him say that to Emily.

In apartment 4A Raj wants to know which board game they want to play. Howard wants to play Emily or Cinnamon. First quote: "You're so lucky. You have the shiniest hair." Leonard can't figure it out (although he may simply be humoring Raj to avoid offending him by answering Cinnamon).

Later, Leonard, Penny, Bernadette and Howard are in having dinner and playing Emily or Cinnamon as couples. The score is one for each and Penny is the tie breaker. Quote: "It's just so perfect that we're both Libras." Penny goes with Cinnamon which makes Raj upset as he hears them coming into the door (It turns out Cinnamon WAS the right answer). He feels that if she ever finds out it would hurt her feelings. "Emily's feelings?" pipes up Bernadette. Sheldon has been drinking Red Bull and chasing squirrels around the campus to keep working and awake. Bernadette wonders if they should make him stop, though Howard saw that he'd made some progress. Raj observes that it would change the way we view the universe. Now back to Emily or Cinnamon! Next quote: "Such a little girl eats such a big steak." No one answers before the cutaway (although the answer is most likely Cinnamon).

At the Caltech cafeteria, Sheldon has recovered and is making progress without his anxiety workout. Raj and Emily approaches the gang to join them for lunch. Emily mentions the game they have been playing that involves her. They make think it's funny that Raj is sweet and sensitive; however, she finds it sexy and she kisses him. Afterwards she finds dog hair in his mouth. 

This game is no longer playable due to Raj and Emily being broken up. 

Raj and Emily-0

It all boils down to.... this?

Cinnamon 2

Or this?