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Elliot Douglas, Ph.D., is a character in Young Sheldon. He worked as an astrophysicist for NASA but retired sometime prior to 1989. His wife, Flora Douglas, was the head of the Wilmot Academy for Gifted Children, a private school in Dallas, Texas. The couple had been hosting a student for the last several years who had recently graduated, leaving a guest room available in their home for Sheldon Cooper while he was enrolled at the school. Though both were allergic to dogs to the initial delight of their young charge, the prodigy was later haunted by the memory of the three of them gathered around the piano, singing hippie folk music. Thus, the role of Elliot in Sheldon's studies came to an abrupt end.


Young Sheldon[]

Season 1[]


  • In addition to the role of Elliot Douglas in Young Sheldon, Harry Groener played Tam Elbrun in the Star Trek: The Next Generation third-season episode "Tin Man", the Nechani Magistrate in the Star Trek: Voyager third-season episode "Sacred Ground" and Minister Nathan Samuels in the Star Trek: Enterprise fourth season episodes "Demons" and "Terra Prime". Notably, Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of Sheldon's favourite series.