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East Texas Tech

East Texas Tech

East Texas Tech is a college in Texas.

Sheldon Cooper was a student for 3 years, and graduated in 1994 at age 14. Sheldon had taken courses at the college before he finished high school. Sheldon graduated from East Texas Tech at 1994 with a bachelor's degree and went to Caltech for graduate school at age 14 years old.

Paige Swanson had attended at the same time Sheldon was in high school and they met and interacted with each other.

Faculty and staff[]



  • The aerial view of the college is actually an image of University of Maryland, College Park. Florida State University has also been used for aerial shots (An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel).
  • East Texas Tech used to have a football team, the team led the league in injuries and losses. The football stadium is now used for the soccer team.
  • Sheldon Cooper moved into the dorms part time in season 5 while he still lived at home. Sheldon moved into the dorms full time in his senior year in college.