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Dr. Gallo, M.D., is a psychiatrist who appears in "The Sales Call Sublimation".


Penny comes home complaining that Dr. Gallo, the psychiatrist, won't let her pitch her drugs to her. Howard suggests that Leonard might visit her as a patient though he argues that he doesn't have any problems. The guys mention several which prompts Leonard to go visit her.

Leonard visits Dr. Gallo who is familiar with his mother's books. She doesn't agree with Beverly's mention of raising children which makes Leonard happy. Leonard used to send his mother a card and gift on his birthday because his birth was her accomplishment.

Leonard returns home with the revelation that his feeling do matter. Penny feels that nobody cares about that. She does like that Dr. Gallo was now willing to see her and now she feels that Leonard is the best husband ever.

Penny finishes her pill pitch and asks Dr. Gallo if she has any questions. She wants to know why she sent Leonard to her. Then she asks why a woman like would her marry a guy like Leonard. Penny replies that she used to wear a lot of tank tops.

Penny is now on the couch with Dr. Gallo who points out that she just being another mother for Leonard. Penny wonders how she could not be like that due to all Leonard's toys around them. Penny also brings up the man-child Sheldon whom Dr. Gallo didn't even thought existed. Penny seemed to enjoy talking to Dr. Gallo, who still thought Penny had some anxiety issues. She suggested Penny take some, but she did not want to use her company's product since she might go into fits of homicidal rage.


  • Jane Kaczmarek (best known as mom, Lois, in Malcolm in the Middle plays Dr. Gallo.
  • Given her not agreeing with any of Leonard's mother's books and having opposite personalities and opinions and if they knew each other personally, it's likely the two could be worst enemies.