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Beverly Hofstadter M.D, Ph.D., is the mother of Leonard Hofstadter. Beverly is a neuroscientist as well as an award-winning psychiatrist and author.


Beverly Hofstadter has written a number of psychology books including quite a few on Leonard. They're available to purchase on

She has written a book, which we have yet to find out its name, with "there's no guarantee even if you have kids that you're going to like them" right on its cover.

She has written a book entitled Needy Baby, Greedy Baby about Leonard.

She has written a book entitled The Disappointing Child which appears in "The Raiders Minimization". It's about Leonard again which has a chapter in it about "anything that came out of" him.

As of the end of season 9, she was planning to writing a book on overachieving couples and wants to interview Amy/Sheldon and the Wolowitzes.

In "The Change Constant", Beverly visits Leonard and Penny appearing to be interested in them and their work, but she is really working on a new book on how her children turned out based upon her parenting theories.


  • An unnamed publication, describing her sex life, that can be "ordered from the Princeton University Press."
  • An unnamed paper "disproving quantum brain dynamic theory."