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For the Russian cosmonaut, see Dimitri Rezinov.

Dmitri[1] is the third floor janitor of the Caltech Physics Department. In the former Soviet Union, he was a physicist from Leningrad Polytechnika which would now be in St. Petersburg.[2]

Dmitri was recruited by Sheldon to be a member of the team (Army Ants) he formed for the 29th Annual Physics Bowl at the university, even though Sheldon wanted to triumph single-handedly and was unaware that Dmitri knew anything about physics, as the rules require four to compete. Sheldon's arrangement with Dmitri was that he sit there and not say anything during the Physics Bowl - Sheldon was to answer the questions. However, he provided the correct answer ( ) to the final question on quantum electrodynamics (QED), which stumped Sheldon and the opposing team (comprised of Leonard, Rajesh Koothrappali, Howard, and Leslie Winkle). On this basis, AA would have won if Sheldon had not retracted Dmitri's answer as a matter of pride and forfeited.



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