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For the Caltech third floor janitor and former Soviet physicist, see Dimitri.

Dimitri Rezinov (Russian: Дмитрий Резинов) is a Russian cosmonaut and crew member of Expedition 31 to the International Space Station, alongside NASA astronauts Howard "Froot Loops" Wolowitz (payload specialist) and Mike "Mass" Massimino. He appeared inside the Soyuz Soyuz capsule in a Sokol space suit and in the International Space Station; he has an easygoing demeanor preceding launch of their Soyuz rocket and finds humor in Howard. Amidst systems checks, Dimitri questions if the origin of Howard's nickname is because of his haircut. He is less accepting of the actual reason being that Wolowitz lives with his mom and she makes him Froot Loops cereal. Dimitri also inquires whether Howard and "Mrs. Froot Loops" had a big wedding, when Massimino informs him that Wolowitz just married a girl. As told to Mike Massimino, Rezinov asserted to his own wife if she gets a dog or not, he's not going to deal with the responsibility of caring for the pet, but Massimino assures him he is going to wind up walking the dog. He agrees and assumes the dog will be a poodle — revealing such during his mockery of Howard's uneasiness regarding their nonchalance. While Dimitri is speaking to Mission Control in Russian, a fretful Howard happens to overhear a fuel leak, so Rezinov says nine out of ten times there is no problem with this occurrence. Meanwhile, Dimitri and Mike delight at ignition, while Howard is terrified. ("The Countdown Reflection")

The Date Night Variable Howard and Dimitri

Floating in the space station.

The Russian cosmonaut lurks around every bend on the space station. Still referring to Howard as "Froot Loops," Dimitri pokes his head in to further take Howard aback while Wolowitz fears both rebelling against his domineering mother and displeasing his new wife with their living arrangements. He bluntly refers to Mrs. Wolowitz as a woman who says she's Howard's mother but sounds like his father, as well as mutters to himself that Howard is just putting himself in a bind and that it is unbelievable Americans won the Cold War. Dimitri tells Howard, after his back-and-forth on phone and computer communiqués, "Loops, you realize you just lied your ass off to your wife and your mother," and questions what he will do when he gets back to Earth. Howard responds "Oh I'm never going back" in a shaky whisper. ("The Date Night Variable")


Dimitri talking to "Froot Loops".


  • Dimitri is most likely the Soyuz Commander as he sat in the Soyuz's center seat.


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