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David, Goliath, and a Yoo-hoo from the Back is the fourteenth episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on Thursday, January 31, 2019.


Sheldon and Tam are hammering fossil rocks in Science class while adult Sheldon pines about how mighty fossils end up on a lab table. After class, Sheldon notices a bully push Georgie against lockers, and ask Georgie about it, but is told to drop it. Sheldon talks to the bully, and says he scares people with his intelligence. Just then, his classmate walks in and scurries out fast upon spotting Sheldon. He and the bully share a smirk.

Missy is having her yearbook photo taken at school, and she has put on lots of makeup. Missy confirms to the teacher that her mom knows, the teacher doesn't believe it and calls Mary.

Sheldon comes back to Georgie telling him about his word with the bully, Tommy Clarkson, and how he's not that bad. He adds that it was wrong of him to have hit on Tommy's girlfriend. Georgie is infuriated and is about to give Sheldon an earful, but Tommy steps in forcing Georgie to apologize.

Mary drives Missy home scolding her on the makeup. Missy tells Mary that Meemaw let her borrow her makeup and when Missy tells Mary that she can even ask Meemaw, she is displeased when Mary is actually gonna ask her about it.

At home, Georgie is watching TV and Sheldon comes in to watch “Professor Proton,”. Georgie refuses but Sheldon threatens to say he'll call Tommy Clarkson. It works and Georgie turns on “Professor Proton”.

Mary and Missy go to Connie's as Mary wants to discuss why Connie gave makeup to her daughter. Connie denies and Missy eventually comes clean on stealing makeup out of Meemaw's bag. Missy mumbles that she wishes that she is Connie's daughter instead of Mary's. Infuriated by her remark, she snaps and tells her to stay at Meemaw's place as she doesn't want to be around neither of them.

The next day, Sheldon asks Georgie to get him a Yoo Hoo from the fridge. When Georgie replies to do it himself, Sheldon asks him to mind his tone. George comes in and Georgie starts complaining, but Sheldon just says he asked for a Yoo Hoo. Georgie attempts to protest regarding Sheldon's behavior by withholding the fact that he's blackmailing him, but Sheldon signals Georgie he will call Tommy once again, thus resulting in Georgie complying to Sheldon's request at his own expense.

Meemaw removes Missy's makeup asking how she managed to steal it. It turns out she half-inched when Meemaw went bowling. Meemaw tells Missy to go easy on the makeup. Missy asks how old was mom when she was allowed to wear makeup. Meemaw says she never had such rules, but Mary was a wild teenager who'd sneak out at nights to hang out with friends and sneak back in before morning. Missy's attention is piqued.

Mary is chopping angrily in her kitchen and George comes in asking if all's okay. She says she's hating her new bad guy persona that's making people resent her. George says he's in it too as he recently handled a Georgie-Sheldon fight situation and comforts her saying that he's got her back; it makes Mary smile.

Missy and Meemaw check out photo albums and Missy's shocked to see her mom smoking cigarettes. Meemaw tells her that smoking is uncool when Missy wonders when exactly her mom stopped becoming cool. It seems Missy's birth was the turning point when a complicated delivery that risked Missy's chances of survival made Mary vow that if all went smoothly she'd turn her life to religion and faith, which she did. Meemaw asks Missy to think about how much she means to Mary the next time she inevitably hurts her. Missy feels bad and ponders into deep thought.

At school, Sheldon gets the much deserved respect from his classmates now that he's friends with Tommy. He relates himself to Carl Sagan from PBS. At gym period, Sheldon notices some bullying and goes up to the bully trying to put his friendship with Tommy to good use. It doesn't work as he soon finds himself informing Tommy about a 3pm fight that Jason Davies has scheduled with him. It freaks Tommy out, but he agrees to handle it.

The next day Mary tells Connie how good Missy's been behaving. She hugged her while being dropped off at school in front of her friends, especially Heather which apparently is a big deal. Mary asks what did Connie do. Without delving in too much, Connie says she gave life lessons, same old grandma stuff. Mary feels left alone as she's the only bad guy around now. Connie reassures her saying that she's doing a great job raising the kids and motherhood has always been a thankless job.

At lunch, as Tam keeps murmuring about family issues, Sheldon's disturbed thinking about Tommy's 3 pm fight and plans on ways to stop it. As the clock strikes three and everybody is cheering Jason (Forrest Deal) on, Sheldon tries to work his brain in order to stop the brawl. He reaches just in time ordering Jason to fight him instead. Taking the offer, he says he'd love to kick both of their asses. Sheldon in turn threatens to slingshot a rock at him like David and Goliath from The Bible. Davies agrees, saying it'd be his turn to fight next. Sheldon slings the rock right on his forehead and runs in the opposite direction. As it turns out, Jason locks Sheldon in his unpleasantly smelling locker for one whole night and adult Sheldon remembers that fateful night to this day!





  • Ryan Cargill as Tommy Clarkson
  • Forrest Deal as Jason Davies
  • Alexander Arzu as Mikey (credited as Alexander Charles Arzu)
  • Rodney J. Hobbs as Marcus
  • Ivan Mallon as Tim