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Darren is a character in Young Sheldon. He was a student at East Texas Tech in the 1990s. He wandered into a classroom to study but it was occupied by a young Sheldon, where he was awaiting the first person in a Professor Proton Club. He ended up staying and study. When Sheldon was asked his name, Darren shushes him. (A Pager, a Club and a Cranky Bag of Wrinkles).

He lived in a room in Hudson Hall with his roommate Oscar.

One day, he was applying video games when it bothered Sheldon Cooper, who marched to the room to ask them to turn down the music. His roommate answered the door, and he said no to doing so. When Sheldon mentioned he had played some video games, and beat Adira, he says for him to come in. He offers him to play after his round. They have a good time playing video games.

Later, he asks Sheldon to join them with a session of Dungeons and Dragons; He tells Sheldon that he cannot go to his house to play the game. That night, he plays a game with Oscar, Abbey, and Sheldon. When Sheldon gets sick, he wants Abbey to help, but is told to call his mother. They help him.(A Lot of Band-Aids and the Cooper Surrender)

He is portrayed by Caleb Emery.