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Courtney Braden Ford (born June 27, 1978) is an American actress who played Alice in the episode "The Good Guy Fluctuation". She was born in Orange County, California, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.


She described her career as stagnant for the 10 years preceding 2009, in which she considered ceasing work as an actress. During what she considered to be her last audition, Ford was cast to play reporter [[w:c:dexter:Christine Hill|Christine Hill] on Showtime's television series Dexter.

She has been cast on the hit HBO series True_Blood |True Blood as List_of_True_Blood_characters#Portia_Bellefleur |Portia Bellefleur, Andy_Bellefleur |Andy Bellefleur's sister. She will be a recurring cast member in the fourth season. She also has a recurring role on "Legends of Tomorrow". Courtney guest-starred on another nominally DC property, the short-lived "Human Target."

In the game series Gears of War, Ford voices Maria Santiago, the mostly lost wife of the character "Dom". She appeared in the 7th episode of Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory.

Personal life[]

Ford is married to Brandon Routh. The couple was engaged on August 23, 2006, and married November 24, 2007 at El Capitan Ranch in Santa Barbara. He played Superman in "Superman Returns and her character referred to the Superman universe in the comic book store.

Ford is the stepsister of Roberto Orci and J. R. Orci.


Courtney as Alice.

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