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Cooper House
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The Cooper's home is located in Medford, Texas. The address is 5501 Grant Ave, Medford, Texas. The new house that Sheldon Cooper visited his mother in the Big Bang theory is in Houston Texas.

Sheldon Cooper and Missy Cooper lived in one room and Georgie had his own room.


The house appears to be a one-floor house with several rooms. The living-room, Sheldon's old bedroom, the front porch and dining room have been seen on TBBT.

The Cooper house is be shown in 'Young Sheldon" and is typically seen in single camera.

The Cooper house is not the same house that Sheldon visited his mother in the Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon and Missy shared a bedroom, with Georgie having his own. Mary and George live in another. They had a garage.

In the series finale, it is revealed that between the end of Young Sheldon and the start of The Big Bang Theory, Mary sold the house and moved out, leaving George’s chair behind. Mary and Missy left for Houston after they sold the house. Mary house is probably in Houston in the Big Bang theory.