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Constance "CeeCee" Cooper is the daughter of George Cooper Jr. and Amanda McAllister.

Season 3[]

Georgie tells Meemaw he never wants to have kids and she replies by saying that's the smartest thing he ever said. However, after he actually did have a child Georgie obviously changed his mind and became very committed to fatherhood. ("Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit")

Season 5[]

Georgie helps Mandy move into her apartment and admits his true age and that he dropped out of high school. Mandy kicks him out. Later, Georgie goes over to talk and Mandy replies, “We better”. Georgie asks what's going on and Mandy reveals she is pregnant. ("A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth")

Season 6[]

Constance is nicknamed "Nibling" by Sheldon and her mother is nicknamed "Niblingo". ("Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo")

She was born at Medford Community Hospital and was named after Meemaw, whose given name is Constance. After great uncertainty, Mandy agreed that the baby could have Georgie's surname. ("A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being")

Constance makes her first appearance when Georgie and Mandy are bringing her home from the hospital. Later, Mandy struggles with getting her to sleep. Sheldon comes over and offers to help because he wants to get more tolerant with failure. He does a good job of getting Constance to sleep by singing "Soft Kitty" but he is disappointed as his objective was to fail. Sheldon leaves and Constance began to cry again, leaving Mandy distressed and shouting for him to come back. ("Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame")

At Meemaw's house, Georgie teaches Constance the first two verses of “Deep in the Heart of Texas” and Meemaw joins in. When Mandy gets home she checks that Georgie made it clear about the four claps. Mandy also points out and says that when Georgie turns 18, Constance will be excited that her father is an actual adult and won't need to change the subject whenever his age comes up. On his birthday, Georgie comes home early from his date with Amber because he wants to be with Mandy and Constance, and he proposes. ("A German Folk Song and an Actual Adult")

Georgie brings Constance to the gambling room, Wade rubs her head for good luck; he immediately wins and she becomes associated with good luck, and Wade keeps rubbing her head. She was held by Wade for more good luck and basically got her head rubbed. When Georgie finally brings her home, Mandy is happier. ("A New Weather Girl and a Stay-at-Home Coddler")

While Georgie is holding Constance as well as making food, Mandy invites him to a spa weekend. Georgie isn't sure about it and asks who will look after the baby. Mandy says Meemaw can, and Georgie agrees to go. ("A Romantic Getaway and a Germanic Meat-Based Diet")

Season 7[]

Constance appears in some episodes, mostly in a stroller.

While Constance and Mandy are in a clinic, Georgie worries about his family when Meemaw gets an illegal roulette wheel, Meemaw tells him that on a good night, Herman, the man housing the roulette wheel, can make $1000 on a good night and also tells him that thats a lot of diapers, which calms him down. ("A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog")

Constance cries when Sheldon and Mary comes home, her crying later on makes Sheldon not sleep and he ends up going to his former university to sleep, where he meets a new dorm mate. ("Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker")

Constance gets baptized twice both by Mary and Pastor Jeff as a Baptist Christian and by Audrey and a Catholic Priest, it sparks a debate between Mandy and both mothers about if Mandy can trust them. ("Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning")



  • When Mandy and George were coming up with names for the baby, Mandy suggested "Alice" and George agreed saying "Alice Cooper" sounded "badass", but Mandy replied, "Who said she's a Cooper, my name is McAllister." Mandy and George then got into a disagreement about whose last name the baby would have but ultimately Mandy agreed the baby would be a Cooper.
  • Mandy and Constance weren't mentioned in The Big Bang Theory, likely because they are estranged from Georgie.
  • On the set, they use a doll to replace Constance when they don't need to show 100% of Constance while filming.
  • It is unknown how her relationship is with her cousins.