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Connor McAllister is a character in Young Sheldon.

He is the younger brother of Mandy.


Connor is an artistic painter that uses a more abstract material, he is an art school graduate with no prospects of holding down a real job. He doesn't really like football, he hates bands that he thinks are "corporate rock sellouts", such as Guns N' Roses but he likes the band "The Smiths". His personality is shy, reserved, and introverted.

He has the same relationship with Mandy as Georgie and Sheldon, with Mandy bullying him a lot when they were younger just like Sheldon and Georgie.


He found out his sister is pregnant when his parents told him and was brought to the Cooper house for a baby shower and to connect with the family. He met Georgie and watched football with him. He read comics with Sheldon while watching football. He left when his mother Audrey screamed for them to leave. (A Baby Shower and a Testoterone-Rich Banter)