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"College Dropouts and the Medford Miracle" is the ninth episode in season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on January 5, 2023.


Sheldon considers dropping out of college to focus on building his database. Also, George Sr. is frustrated when someone else gets credit for his football wins.[1]


Sheldon walks into the company Texas Instruments and presents information to people, who think he is too young as a joke. At his school, George and Wayne gives a pep talk to the football team for a game against Pine View. Pastor Rob comes into the locker room and prays for the team at the invitation of Wayne Wilkins; this was done at George's disconcerting manner. At home, George returns home dissatisfied. Mary tells them to not beat himself up for the loss. George corrects her saying the Medford team had a blowout victory despite Pine View being a very good team. George wasn't too happy due to the team hoisting Pastor Rob on their shoulders after the game. The next day, Missy is talking on the phone when Sheldon knocks and asks for her help. She pretends to sound as an adult and ask for Mr. Jennings, and then proceeds to hand the phone to Sheldon after taking his money. As he talks about the grant database, his mother picks up the phone and embarrasses him.

At school, Pastor Rob is talking to Mr. Givens, Ms. Hutchins, and Coach Wayne talking about the Medford Miracle. Ms. Hutchins is interested in him, and is brought back to reality when Wayne comments she's Mormon.

Missy talks to Meemaw about having a date with Dean. Meemaw sets some ground rules such as the date itself must be rated G, while the film must be rated PG-13. She also tells her that while she will give her independence on her date, Meemaw will show up unannounced occasionally at any time, in addition to the pillows staying in the middle, and cannot be moved or reset in her absence.

Sheldon arrives in Dr. Sturgis's office and enlists his help for the meeting on Thursday. They present the information to new investors, and who are interested in the content. The investors want him to work full time so no one else want to do it before so; Sheldon realizes this could be an impediment to his university time, so he considers dropping out of college. At home, he tells his mom about his desire to drop out to work full time; Mary refuses to let him do so. Missy walks by and remarks that she is the only one who is not dropping out. George reviews old footage in his office when Rob comes in and talk. He wants to stay as pastor for the team. As a result, George feels a bit upstaged at the success and attention. At a bar, Rex Peterman tells its best to not let himself ruin a winning streak. Sheldon wants to tell him something and George says, “whatever it is, he says yes”. Sheldon is happy that he can drop out of college. He then goes to Dr. Sturgis and tells everything; he is reminded about the time he told off a rich guy and wants to talk to them.

Dean calls to tell them they can meet up again to make some cookies, as he is interested. When they make the cookies, he gets along with Meemaw, much to Missy's jealousy. It becomes clear to her that Dean is reliving his memories of his late grandmother, by filling the void by interacting with Meemaw rather than focusing on his girlfriend. Missy breaks up with him as a result, making it awkward as his mom would come at 7. Meemaw decides to drive him home. Sturgis and Sheldon meets the donor Gary O’Brien, whom Sheldon met earlier. He is interested in the proposal of funding.