Write the text of your article here! i dont exept to be taken seriously however im risking making a fool of myself i can only comment on jim parsons from what ive read about him but i actually for the very first time in my life believe that i could fall so deeply in love with him not meaning sheldon whom the plays but jim himself ive read everything there is to know about him trying to find something that isnt so perfect i was born in march aswell on the 11 th 1984 my name is Tasmin im 5 ft 3ins dark hair blue eyes and ive never been in love before i get attention from males but its always about the way i look they think they can try there luck however as soon as they are aware that im not that kinda girl they soon show there true colours, i know someone like jim wouldnt be attracted to me not because im ugly but probly because im only a hairdresser jim melts me ive never seen someone as handsome in all my life he,d be the only man i could promise to love forever i just wish that there was maybe another jim parsons that would lower his standards to be with someone like me. everybody has said how can i feel like this about someone i dont no but the truth is i cant answer that just from the second i saw him something happend in my heart then the more i found out the stronger i felt. not that keen on big bang theory jim playing sheldon however i just love watching him do what he does best and thats be an actor. no one will live up to jim parson in my eyes... love always Tasmin xx

Favourite Character?

Now this is very hard! My favourite character would be Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz because although she is a little short (like me - but a little shorter) she always has a say in what goes on, or at least will make people (especially her husband Howard) feel sorry or bad for not letting her make her point.

Alexia Francesconi (talk) 09:47, January 5, 2015 (UTC)

I'm taking my time appear in this show.