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This list contains all the characters in The Big Bang Theory.

While a lot of sub-categories have been grouped under this category, the main sub-categories include:

  • Main Characters : Characters whose names appear in the opening credits, even if only occasionally.
  • Recurring Characters : Characters who appear or used to appear in the show from time to time. They tend to have a more important role in the series.
  • Minor Characters : Characters who have appeared only once or a few times. They may or may not have a prominent role in the episode(s) they appeared in, and are not significant to the series plotlines.
  • Unseen Characters : Characters who are only heard or seen partially without showing their faces. They are still played by actors or voice actors.
  • Mentioned-only Characters : Characters who are only mentioned in the show. They are not played by any live actors.
  • Appeared As Themselves : People who have appeared in the show as (perhaps a dramatized version of) themselves, including those who have appeared as someone's imagination, fantasy or in a dream.
  • Male Characters : Male characters whether they have major or minor roles.
  • Female Characters : Female characters whether they have major or minor roles.

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