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Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit is the twelfth episode of the third season of Young Sheldon. The episode aired on January 16, 2020.


Sheldon learns to listen when an emotional Paige (Mckenna Grace) struggles with her parents' divorce. Also, George Sr. is furious when Georgie tries to buy his way out of chores.

Extended Plot

Paige Swanson's parents, Barry and Linda, have gotten a divorce and it has negatively affected her appearance (she no longer wears dresses, but now wears denim outfits and has dyed a pink streak in her hair) and attitude (she has become snarky, has turned to shoplifting and has grown indifferent to her schoolwork, resulting in her grades falling), so she goes to spend the weekend with the Coopers. But soon her devastation over her parents' divorce results in Sheldon learning to listen.





  • Paige's last name is revealed to be Swanson.
  • This is the origin of Sheldon offering a hot beverage as a way of comforting someone who is upset.
    • Adult Sheldon narrates that he offered his wife a hot beverage in the middle of the delivery, and she threw this tea in his face.