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Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit is the twelfth episode of the third season of Young Sheldon. The episode aired on January 16, 2020.


Sheldon learns to listen when an emotional Paige struggles with her parents' divorce. Also, George is furious when Georgie tries to buy his way out of chores.

Extended Plot[]

Connie is enjoying a cup of coffee and it was the last cup from the pot. George (Lance Barber) comes in and asks her to make him a cup, too. She won't. He swears to dump her at an old-age home in the future but Connie couldn't care less. Mary unhappily comes in with news about Paige's parents getting a divorce. It's affected Paige's academic performance and her parents want her to spend time with Sheldon so that she can become like him. Mary's proud but George isn't too sure about it. She lets the twins know that Paige will be spending the weekend with them. While Missy is elated, Sheldon looks back on the bitter encounters he's had with Paige in the past. Mary later gives him a new Mr. Proton game set. Sheldon is already worried because the last time his mom gifted him one, he had to get an injection. It turns out that Mary wants him to share it with Paige when she comes over.

Georgie is lifting weights. George comes in and asks him to contribute in household chores. Georgie doesn't want to as he's earning now, but it turns out that being part of the family means he still has to lend a hand. George assigns him lawn mowing duty. Paige arrives with her mom Linda. Just before they enter Mary asks the twins to be sympathetic. Sheldon notices that Paige's hair is pink and wonders if it's because of the divorce. It turns out that Linda allowed her to dye her hair because their home environment wasn't good either. Missy wishes that she could get pink tresses too but Mary won't allow it. George drives home and finds Billy mowing their lawn. Apparently, Georgie is paying him for it. Meanwhile, Mary is chatting with Linda. She's started smoking again and seems to be relieved with the divorce. She sighs while thinking about Paige who needs a compassionate environment like the Cooper's at the moment. Just then George storms in, ready to give Georgie an earful. He shouts at his teenage son for evading responsibility and simply orders him to go mow by himself. Paige is braiding Missy's hair. Sheldon reminds her to join him for science but she finds it boring now. Instead, Paige wants to visit the mall and takes advantage of her troubled home situation. She approaches Mary and mentions that she needs a new backpack, but Linda might’ve forgotten amidst all the divorce stuff. Feeling sympathetic, Mary agrees to take her and the twins to the mall.

George is playing golf with Coach Wilkins. He reveals how unapologetic Georgie has become and recalls his own teen years and how he never answered back to his dad. Wilkins asks him to let Georgie know that he's proud of him. George thinks it unnecessary as he never received those compliments and, moreover, who is Wilkins to comment as he doesn't even have kids. It turns out that being a football coach to teens and dealing with George's childish antics daily have given enough experience to Coach Wilkins. Mary is driving the kids to the mall. Paige finds it weird that Sheldon carries a mall safety kit that has sanitizer, a whistle, earplugs, mall map and a compass. They finally reach the mall. Paige lies to Mary about purchasing a backpack at the “Hello Kitty” store and instead goes to Hot Topic. The twins follow her. The girls soon deviate Sheldon to the bowtie section at the back while they start checking out body glitters. Missy is upset that they don't have enough money but Paige is cool with stealing some. She sneaks in a glitter bottle which catches Sheldon's eye and he forces her to put it back. Instead, Paige drops it in Sheldon's backpack without him noticing and walks out of the store as if nothing happened. Georgie is watching TV after completing his mowing duty. George walks in and suggests going out for a burger. On their way there he complains that it's getting hot in the car. It turns out that the A/C is busted but repair work isn't a priority. George mentions how proud he is of Georgie, but his son doesn't acknowledge it as he's distracted by the heat. He even offers to pay for the repair work, but this irks George. Georgie feels bad that his job is not respected at home. Annoyed, George asks him to get down immediately and walk back home. Sheldon gets home and finds the stolen glitter bottle. He confronts the girls, but they aren't apologetic at all. Sheldon is amused by Paige's odd behavior as she used to be brilliant in the past. Paige reveals that she's rather be normal than a genius. Sheldon is taken aback.

Connie is watering her plants and she spots a heavily perspiring Georgie walking back home. Georgie still doesn't know what went wrong. After listening to everything Connie advises him to never offer to pay for something that his dad's supposed to be paying for; it's a blow to one's ego. Georgie gets home and half-heartedly apologizes to his dad. George is glad that things got settled. Sheldon calls Dr. Sturgis for advice as he can't understand why someone wouldn't want to be smart anymore. Dr. Sturgis recalls what he learned at his psychiatric timeout and believes that Paige is going through an identity crisis. All she needs is a patient listener. Paige is busy plucking Missy's eyebrows for giving them some shape. Sheldon asks Missy to leave and sits in front of Paige to listen patiently. Paige finds it odd, but Sheldon continues to sit quietly in front of her. She calls him a weirdo and soon relates it to how weird her life has become now. She complains about how everyone's started behaving abnormally, how her dad is acting all childish and her mom is going on random dates. Paige dreads living in two different homes, her grandma's comments regarding her dad and with everything going downhill in her life she can't find herself caring about grades anymore even though she knows that others still care about it. Tears trickle down her cheeks as she wishes for things to go back to normal. Sheldon feels very sorry for her and asks if she wants a hot beverage. Feeling a bit better, Paige says yes. Sheldon goes to the kitchen to make her some tea and his dad shows up. He reveals about how Paige has been feeling upset about her parents’ divorce and that he wanted to make her a hot cup of tea. George is proud of his son and says it out loud to him. Sheldon thanks him as he appreciates the compliment silently while preparing the piping hot beverage for his dear friend. Soon, Missy walks into the kitchen covered in glitter from head to toe. Sheldon and George stare at her in awe as she dances and twirls around the house in a trance-like state.





  • Paige's last name is revealed to be Swanson.
  • This is the origin of Sheldon offering a hot beverage as a way of comforting someone who is upset.
    • Adult Sheldon narrates that he offered his wife a hot beverage in the middle of the delivery, and she threw this tea in his face.