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Bobbi Sparks is the younger sister of Billy Sparks and the daughter of Herschel and Brenda Sparks and a neighbor of Sheldon and his family. She is a 7-year-old girl who has been constantly bullying Sheldon in Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo.

Character Overview[]

Young Sheldon[]

Bobbi is first seen when she is shown to be bullying Sheldon. It is revealed that she slaps him around; takes his lunch money and she even put a tadpole down his shirt. ("Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo")

Later, she enters the Cooper garage and threatens Sheldon, Sheldon tries to use Jiu-Jitsu on her but trips and injures his knee. After that, Sheldon hires Missy to go deal with her, but Missy instead ends up playing and having fun throwing a tea party with her and Billy.

She is mentioned that she stabs Billy with a plastic fork, which caused his skin to bleed. ("A Perfect Score and a Bunsen Burner Marshmallow")




  • Bobbi hasn't reappeared since Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo it’s likely she went to live with her father after her parents got divorced.
  • Though Bobbi bullies Sheldon, she still made friends with Missy.