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"Blonde Ambition and the Concept of Zero" is the fourth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on October 20, 2022.


Sheldon makes a terrifying mathematical discovery while tutoring Billy. Also, Mary is jealous of Missy's relationship with Mandy and Meemaw.[1]


The episode starts with Meemaw making food for Mandy. Georgie asks for food, but Meemaw said it is for Mandy. Mandy asks if he had to deal with some of the physical symptoms. Georgie just wants some food, but Meemaw tells Georgie to leave on the count of three.

George had some peace in the backyard looking at newspapers for jobs. He hears Brenda yell at Billy to not feed the chickens any Cap'n Crunch. He asks if they are ok, and Brenda asks George if Sheldon can help Billy with math; George says yes.

Missy came in and Mary asks how's school, and Missy replied that it sucked. She had boy troubles and goes to Meemaw for help. Meemaw says it seems Missy tried everything. Mary tries to get information from her, but Meemaw just says boy trouble.

The next day, Missy comes home and tells Meemaw and Mandy that he told Heather M. Heather asked the guy out so Missy is not happy; Mandy says she would have left something in the locker or asked one of his guy friends. Missy wants more advice from Mandy. Missy wants to tell Heather that she is a bitch but Mandy wants to tell her to be pretentious about her friends. Meemaw hears the conversation, and Mary is happy that Missy has someone to talk to. Georgie comes into the house and somewhat wants Meemaw to put in a positive to Meemaw.

George asks Sheldon if he can help tutor Billy; Sheldon refuses. George just wants to tell Brenda that he can't do so; Sheldon caves into doing so. Billy sits with Sheldon at a table and asks for some bits of math; He realizes Billy does not know anything and is concerned. Sheldon explains a bit more about numbers. Billy asks whether zero is nothing; which throws Sheldon into a loop. He asks Dr. Sturgis about zero and nothing concepts. The “zero is nothing” makes Dr. Sturgis confused as well. Dr. Linkletter comes in and Dr. Sturgis invites him to think about Zero not existing. They puke after a heavy-duty session of thought.

Georgie comes back in and wants to help Mary make some food. She is making potatoes and Georgie is somewhat interested. Missy comes back and says she is going out for food with Mandy. In the car, they bond a bit over being beautiful and blonde.

Missy wanted to get her hair done to the color blonde so she does it in her bathroom. Mandy looks at it and thinks it is horrible. George comes home, and he wants to know where Sheldon and Missy are; Georgie and Mandy lie about where Missy is.

Sheldon comes back at night and tells Billy that zero does not exist. Billy suggests acting as if zero is an existing concept. The pair realize that an act of faith occurs and created the entire universe; as a result, they write a prayer for everything. George wants to use the bathroom but Missy is there.

Mary comes home with groceries and wants Mandy and Mary to come over for the groceries. George wants to use the bathroom and bangs.

Missy gets out the window and knocks on Meemaw's house. Meemaw brings Missy back, shocking everyone. Sheldon walks back in about Billy and tells Missy that her hair color bothers him.

In school, Missy and Billy take the dreaded math test. He tells Missy that he can cheat off of him as he had studied. Missy wears a winter aviator's hat, covering up her hair. Adult Sheldon remarks that Billy got a 68 on the math test and passed, allowing him to go to the seventh grade, where he would spend the next several years.





  • Title Reference:
    • Blonde Ambition: The title of Madonna's 1990 World Tour. Also, Missy's desire to dye her hair blonde like Mandy.
    • The Concept of Zero: The idea that the number zero may not have any value.
  • The 16th time Young Sheldon Cooper is absent in the cold open.
  • Billy had to repeat the seventh grade, but Missy also had to repeat high school for a few years. She would have been 19 or 20 when she graduated high school.

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