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"Bible Camp and a Chariot of Love" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of American sitcom Young Sheldon. It aired on December 3, 2020.


Sheldon finds himself in a fierce competition with Paige when their mothers force them to attend Vacation Bible School. Also, George is furious after Georgie makes a questionable purchase.

Extended plot[]

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon talking about summer vacation in a voiceover while Young Sheldon and Missy look forward to going to stamp and Bible camp respectively. Mary makes a stamp of approval pun about Sheldon's excitement when Missy begins picking on him.

However, when he arrives he is told it is canceled due to lack of interest. He has no idea how this could happen. Now he has to go to Bible camp with Missy, much to her delight.

When they arrive Mary points out that it is a space theme. Sheldon says Jesus was a carpenter, not a fuel it. Missy goes to get donut holes.

Sheldon asks to stay in the car, but Mary refuses to let him even though he says he can crack the window. Paige then comes up to say hi. Mary says they can bond over not wanting to be there and goes to talk to Paige's mom.

Paige says she is there because she got caught with cigarettes. Sheldon wonders why she would smoke and she says it was to look older, causing him to compare her to his MeeMaw.  He says he is there because stamp club was canceled, proving there is no God.

Georgie comes home excited to tell George about his new car. George thinks he got a Mustang, but it turns out Georgie saw something else that caught his eye...a van. George says no because it is a motel room on wheels. The two argue over why he should have it.

Billy and Missy make lanyards. Billy is eating licorice saying it tastes like plastic. Missy says it is plastic, but he says it is candy.

Paige is putting on lipstick, which she is not allowed to wear. Sheldon asks her why and she says she is having a textbook reaction to her parents’ divorce. Sheldon begins to ask more questions, but is interrupted by Pastor Jeff gathering the kids around to begin camp. Pastor Jeff asks if they have space for Jesus in their hearts, only to be met by silence. Sheldon makes a snarky comment to Paige's approval. He says she is not the only rebel. Pastor Jeff wonders why Sheldon is not at stamp camp.

Georgie and George continue to argue over the van until Georgie says he will live in it. George says it was only a matter of time until he was living in a van with Georgie saying Scooby Doo lived in a van and turned out fine.

At camp Pastor Jeff sings with Missy making current song requests. Mary is told to ring the bell and it becomes time for trivia for prizes. Billy names dwarfs instead of apostles. Sheldon and Paige continue to be snarky...until they decide to compete for trivia.

On the way home Mary says that Sheldon will have more fun if he participated and he says he will because he and Paige are competing in Bible trivia. Georgie brings his girlfriend in the van and tries to point out the good parts of it, including a mini fridge, bed and being able to go anywhere. However, it just grosses her out.

Mary is shocked George is making him live in the van. George doesn't think he can last one night, but Mary points out how gross his room is. Sheldon walks in reading the Bible. George says at least Missy is normal.

Georgie goes in to use the bathroom, but is kicked out. He tries to go to Meemaw's place, but George calls and says he isn't allowed to use her bathroom either. She tells him to use the bucket outside.

Later on, Mary brings him dinner and tries to talk some sense into him. Georgie attempts to stand his ground with Mary giving up. Sheldon tries to have Missy test him on The Bible and his hand raising technique with them getting into a conversation about God, heaven and hell. That night the mouse scares Georgie and wakes up his parents. George says it isn't his problem and goes back to sleep.

At Bible camp Sheldon promises to beat Paige in Bible trivia confusing her and having Missy tell her to hit him. Pastor Jeff begins trivia with Sheldon answering questions and Paige not caring. He wonders why and she says it is fun watching him get upset. George goes to talk to Georgie, who refusing to give up the van. George reminds him he has work and laughs when the van won't start.

Sheldon continues to annoy Paige for thinking it's fun to irritate him, including messing up his hair, putting a pin so close to a balloon it could nearly pop it, and repeating every word she says.

Dale (Craig T Nelson) walks into his office when Georgie comes out after washing up. He explains why and Dale says he had a similar vehicle, leading him to get married so young. Georgie is confused and Dale tells him to get dressed.

Sheldon continues to irritate Paige, but she says there are things way worse in her life referring to her parents getting divorced. He says that she probably thinks it is all her fault and her family is torn apart, causing her to punch him and Missy to gloat on the way home.

The episode ends with Georgie trying to pick up his girlfriend but her dad refusing when he sees the inside of the car. He then tells George he is returning it.






  • At bible camp Missy requested the pastor play the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles song on his ukulele. This is an inside joke as show co-creator Chuck Lorre co wrote the TMNT theme song from the 1980s cartoon.
  • Georgie was originally supposed to buy a Ford Mustang rather than the van in this episode. Indeed, we will later see him driving a 1973 Ford Mustang in the episode "A Virus, Heartbreak and a World of Possibilities."
  • Dale Ballard tells Georgie that the reason he got married so young is because when he was Georgie's age, he bought a similar vehicle. Georgie doesn't take the hint and continues driving his new car. It's ironic that Dale predicted the future, since Georgie is actually getting married for the first time at 19.
  • This episode is the second one where Sheldon is punched in the face and left with a blackeye after Missy did the same to him "A Race of Superhumans and a Letter to Alf".


  • Jana's surname was mentioned as 'Owens' in "Pasadena", but in this episode it appears to have been changed to 'Boggs' when Georgie addresses her father as 'Mr. Boggs'.
  • Sheldon was surprised that Paige wore lipstick, but in "Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit", she was even more dolled up.
  • Dale Ballard tells Georgie that the reason he got married so young is because when he was Georgie's age, he bought a similar vehicle. Assuming that Dale was born in 1922, when he was Georgie's age there were no vans in the United States. He would've had to have had a customized panel truck, or former hearse or ambulance.




Ready Steady Cut - There’s some underlying stuff here about how the breakdown of a family unit can emotionally affect children, and a bit about the role of religion is pious families, but they’re confined to a fairly pat example of rebellion in Paige and a very brief bedroom conversation between Sheldon and Missy about the former’s lack of belief in God and his justifications for it, which are the obvious evidence-based scientific ones. Georgie’s subplot, in which he buys a camper van that George makes him live in since it reflects badly on Mary’s work with the church, is much funnier in my opinion, despite having little to say. Montana Jordan remains the best thing about this show.