Bethany talking to Howard about getting a tattoo.

Bethany and Sarah are a couple of goth chicks that Howard and Raj met in a Goth nightclub in Hollywood as they pretended to be goth boys and wore tattoo sleeves during "The Gothowitz Deviation" episode. Both guys took a liking to Bethany and ignored Sarah. Interspersed throughout their conversation, they made references to darkness and goth stuff, as they revealed they are scientists, while the girls said they work at the Gap. At Bethany's suggestion, they then went to a tattoo parlor, where Bethany implied she would sleep with Howard if he got a new tattoo of a mean skull. Howard gave into his fear of the needle and exposed them as frauds, causing both women to leave. She is portrayed by Molly Morgan.


Actress Molly Morgan also appeared in "The Intimacy Acceleration" as the Gothic hostess for the escape room.

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