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"Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning" is the 6th episode of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 4, 2024.


Georgie and Mandy's wedding plans pit Mary against Mandy's mom, Audrey, with baby CeeCee caught in the middle.[1]


Missy drinking coffee

Missy drinking coffee.

While Missy is drinking coffee, Mary comes in to drink some too, Missy had a rough night from people "doing it", Mary apologizes but Missy is disgusted and says that she was talking about Mandy and Georgie, while Mary is badly explaining herself George comes in and makes a sex joke, Missy leaves while Mary explains to George what her problem is, George makes another joke about what they did, Mary rants about Georgie and Mandy setting a bad example for Missy and Sheldon, and that they're both still not married and still engaging in coitus, George makes a good point by telling Mary that like a good christian, he forgives them.

While Georgie and Mandy are dressing up, Mary comes in and asks about the wedding and when is it gonna happen, Georgie asks what's the rush, Mary tells them that they're living together, sleeping together, while they're discussing Sheldon and Evan comes in and takes the laptop, Mandy points out that Mary makes a good point and Georgie does agree to, Mary is ecstatic that they're finally gonna plan the wedding but Sheldon is annoyed that if he has to be the best man, Georgie says no but Evan asks if he can come to which they say no except Sheldon.

Audrey hugs Mandy

Audrey hugging Mandy.

Mandy comes in Jim's shop to inform about the new wedding plan, Jim calls Audrey and Mandy says that they'll be getting married on city hall next Friday, Audrey is slightly disappointed about her getting a small wedding and offers to pay for a big wedding, Jim leaves while Audrey confronts Mandy if she's happy with it, Mandy is weirded out about Audrey suddenly being nice, Audrey and Mandy hug while Jim also points out that it is weird.

George and Jim

George and Jim chatting.

The McAllisters are in the Cooper house, Jim and George discuss about the wedding and Mandy and Audrey's new relationship while grilling the brisket. Meanwhile, Mary and Audrey discuss their own wedding and Mandy's dress, Audrey reveals that they will be married in a church and that she already talked to father Donovan, they get in a fight about Catholics and religion. Meanwhile, when Jim and George go grab beer, they see the commotion while Audrey storms out.

Later at night, while Mary is ranting about what happened, Georgie, Mandy, and the baby comes in, Georgie makes a dinner plate for himself while Mary is ranting about how she wants Mandy to get married in a Baptist church instead of a Catholic church, Mary says that if she's okay with getting married in the church Mandy wants she's also okay with it, Mandy says she's okay with it.

CeeCee gets baptized

CeeCee gets baptized.

Later in the morning, Mary calls Pastor Jeff to "save some souls", Pastor Jeff comes in, Mary tells the plan to baptize CeeCee, while Pastor Jeff baptists CeeCee, Missy comes home from school and asks what's going on, Mary explains that Pastor Jeff and her are giving CeeCee a head bath, Missy leaves and CeeCee finally gets baptized.

CeeCee gets baptized again

CeeCee gets baptized again.

While Mandy is strolling CeeCee with Audrey, Mandy reveals that Mary had talked to her about getting married in a Baptist church, Mandy also says that she thinks that she shouldn't get married in a church, Audrey says that if she's happy with it she's also happy with it, they see a sweater to which Audrey says that she should go try it on and that she's gonna do a lap around the park with CeeCee while giving Mandy her credit card, while Mandy enters the shop, Audrey quickly sprints away and gets CeeCee baptized, for the second time.

Mandy and Audrey

Mandy talks to Audrey.

Later at dinner, while discussing about the wedding and CeeCee, Audrey makes a reference to religion, Sheldon comes in angrily and explains that Evan has upgraded his computer behind his back, and Sheldon also references that "who changes something behind his back", Sheldon storms out angrily and referencing again that he doesn't have a room to storm out to, Adult Sheldon narrates that "I've got a hot wife and a Nobel prize, I'll be fine thank you". While Mary is washing the dishes, Mandy helps her and discusses the dinner, while they were chatting, Mary reveals that she baptized CeeCee. Mandy talks to Audrey about it but Audrey also reveals that she had baptized CeeCee as well.

Mandy talks to Georgie about it while he works at the Medford Wash, Georgie says that he's okay with it to which Mandy gets mad about.

Meanwhile, Sheldon is still mad that Evan upgraded his computer, and that it's also smarter than him, Georgie comes in and asks if he can crash in, Sheldon says no but he still does anyway, Georgie asks if if it's possible to un-baptize somebody, Sheldon un-baptizes Georgie but Georgie doesn't want it so Sheldon does Ctrl+C to re-baptize him again, Georgie and Sheldon both explain their problems but Georgie doesn't get Sheldon's.

Georgie with flowers

Georgie brings Mandy flowers.

At Dale's house, Mandy talk to Meemaw about what happened, while Mandy asks what they're gonna do, Georgie comes in with flowers but Mandy finally makes up her mind and chooses to get married in the city hall, Dale says that he also has had a spite marriage.






  • The 25th time Young Sheldon Cooper is absent in cold open.
  • This episode shows Mary and Audrey's rivalry relationship in the show, the relationship again affects a big event.

Vanity Card[]



  • This is the second time the whole McAllister family (except Connor) are in the Cooper house.
  • Georgie and Mandy get married in the next episode in the city hall.
  • Meemaw appears in only one scene, along with Dale.


Sheldon (Narrating): "I have a hot wife and a Nobel prize, I'll be fine thank you."