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An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football is the sixth episode of the sixth season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on November 3, 2022.


George Sr. is asked to help with the football team. Also, Mandy discovers Georgie and Meemaw's secret business.[1]

Extended Plot[]

The episode starts with a recap of multiple prior episodes about George's coaching job.

Georgie took Mandy to see his new car. He had bought a family car (specifically a 1976 Buick Century Custom Station Wagon), which he got after replacing the Mustang, because of an expanding family.

At dinner, Mary is very happy that Mandy is over. Sheldon wanted to ask a question about whether pregnant women eat for two, and does she needs two full-sized portions. She replied that she think she only need one portion. Sheldon also asked when was Mandy's last menstruation so he could calculate the size of the baby. Mary told Mandy not to answer it.

A phone call came in and George went to pick it up. Mary asked whether they knew the gender. Mandy wanted to know, but Georgie said he wanted to be surprised. George came back in and said he had to go because it was Principal Peterson calling, saying something is going on with Wayne.

They met at Coach Wilkins's motel room. Wayne is depressed because his wife Darlene is cheating on him with his best friend; the other two hope they can reconcile but are shocked that she is pregnant, but not with Wayne. George sat down and comforted him but Wayne told them that they can't fix it. The two are not happy because it would affect how people see the program. George tells him to put on his pants and go with him.

Georgie and Mandy went outside and talked. She would want to eat ice cream with him watching, but he had to go to work; Mandy does not know about the Laundromat's casino.

The next morning, Sheldon sees Coach Wilkins asleep in the living room. He knocks on Missy's door just to ask about social protocol and he needed her input. They went to ask Mary why is Coach Wilkins asleep on the couch, but Sheldon wanted to ask if he can watch TV with Coach Wilkins asleep on the couch.

Tom Petersen went to the Cooper house to speak with them. Mary couldn't believe Darlene would cheat on Wayne. Tom wanted to take it outside because Sheldon and Missy were watching. Sheldon and Missy both said, “I don’t mind”. Outside, Tom wants George to coach one more game, which George accepts it. Afterward, George drives Wayne to Medford High School and talked to him on the way.

At the hospital, Mandy and Meemaw are there and a nurse comes and asks about insurance but Meemaw pulls out a load of cash bills. Mandy is surprised she carries so much cash around.

At Medford Middle School, Missy is about to take a test in Mrs. Wilkins’ classroom when she asked a few questions that she knew about the situation. She later calls Coach Wilkins and screams and asks about what he had told Missy.

Georgie shows Mandy around the video store. Officer Jake Rutledge came in and wanted to talk to Meemaw. Mandy is suspicious. She thinks they are selling drugs, but is told they are not engaged in drug dealing. Meemaw and Georgie shows Mandy about the casino behind the Laundromat. She thinks it is amazing and realizes her child could go to private school.

At home, Coach Wilkins, Missy and Sheldon are watching “The Measure of a Man", an episode from Star Trek; The Next Generation. Missy says he saw his wife, and he says he knows.

At Medford High School, George and Wayne give a pep talk before a game. Wayne mentions his wife, but George tells them to get ready. They play in Tyler, Texas during a rainy game. The team wins 6–0. Tom talks to George, who says it's mandatory to have Coach Wilkins as well, and Tom accepts that condition.

Georgie goes to Sheldon's room and says he brought pizza. Sheldon is afraid of leaks and is holding a can in case of leaks. Mandy comes in to talk and thanks him for being wonderful. Sheldon comes back and asks for a status report, and says he has time for a second slice.

A few days later, Mandy walks out of Georgie's garage, and slowly enters the Meemaw's house. Meemaw greets her and knows she was sleeping with Georgie. Then Mandy awkwardly went to her room in Meemaw's house.





  • This episode is eighteenth of this series in which Sheldon is absent in cold open.
  • George Sr. might have a chance to get his job back.
  • It is unknown how long he will keep his job.

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