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"An Expensive Glitch and a Goof-Off Room" is the tenth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on January 6, 2022.


Sheldon gets a dorm room all to himself, Meemaw gains an unwanted business partner.

Extended Plot[]

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) looking back at his school days and how he was always on a schedule and acted precocious. Everything changed when he enrolled in college and had much more free time. Young Sheldon goes to President Hagemeyer's office, and she enters. She asks about what he wants to discuss this day. He is not happy with the 4 hour gap between two courses. She suggest relax, or take a nap. Sheldon says it is unsanitary and asks about the sofas in her room having lumbar support. President Hagemeyer decides to give him a private dorm room. Meemaw and Georgie are at the laundromat gambling room when Meemaw wonders how they can get more people. Georgie suggests advertising, but Meemaw reminds him that it is illegal. They end up leveling snark at one another when June comes in to gamble. After a chitchat, June goes to play while Georgie suggest they create a punch chard system for customers. Meemaw reminds him that people can cheat the system, so Georgie uses his sandwich card to cheat his way into getting a free sandwich. At that moment, June wins $11,000 from a slot machine, causing Meemaw to panic and try to figure out how to get her the money. Sheldon tells Mary and George about his new dorm room. They give him the no party rule. Mary tells him to get an alarm clock to wake up on time. Missy thinks this is unfair. Missy (Raegan Revord) thinks this is unfair, so she begins to complain. George tells her to appreciate what she has, only to complain about his own life. At school, Sheldon walks into Hudson Hall, but runs into Sam, who is trying to find a place to study. She tells him her roommate has a sock on a door, so she cannot be in there. He is confused, but offers to let her use his room. When they get to the room, Sam is jealous he has a single with two closets and a bathroom. He begins to brag about it; she tells her to tell him about why everyone dislikes. He annoys people because he is an entitled brat and is condescending with everyone else. June and Meemaw meet for lunch at a bar. They talk about the casino place and reveals that if they turn off the power, the machines would reset to the highest value. Meemaw tells her that she does not have the money, a fact June counters with making partner. Meemaw is forced to do this act. Later on, Meemaw tells Georgie about the situation, which upsets him. He wonders how long June will be partner, causing Meemaw to remind him they don't have any money to pay her. She wants to yell, but Georgie reminds her about her blood pressure. She then decides to have a cigarette, which he says is no better. When is about to leave, she says the business may just end. Sheldon is concerned about Sam thinking he is not a good person and his own overall behaviour, so he goes to Dr John Sturgis for advice. Dr. Sturgis tells him about social skills and that could generate benefits. Sturgis uses Sheldon's favourite television shows and sci-fi references such as Star Trek to help him understand. This results in Sheldon talking to Sam again and being better socially. Sheldon decides to let his dorm room to be used by others since he uses it in the day and he does not use it at night. A student asks him to use it, which he says yes. He becomes more popular. MeeMaw arrives at the laundromat casino, where she finds out that June added twinkle lights. She is not happy with the changes, nor the fact that Georgie is going along with it. She takes Georgie out to lunch to discuss it, which leads to another argument. MeeMaw wants him to leave, but he wants his chicken fingers. They meet for lunch. Meemaw tells that she does not have the money to pay her, amid a salary for Georgie and paying off the police. June suggests making her a partner and saying it is her problem, to which Meemaw begrudgingly agrees. Sheldon leaves an academic building when a student named Matt talks to him. He gives Sheldon a Yoo-hoo for letting him use the room. Sam and Sheldon walk to the dorm room, where two people who were ‘studying’ are just leaving. He thinks they are going to ace their midterms, but Sam tries to explain to him that they are not using it for studying. Later on, Missy is watching TV with George. She wants to watch 90210 and tells George that it is a show about high school kids in Beverly Hills. He suggests the Beverly Hillbillies, saying it is like MeeMaw moving to California. At that moment, Travis calls from college; Missy tells Sheldon to pick up, saying it is Travis. He wants to use the room. He wanted to use the room for Monday, but Sheldon schedules him for Wednesday. Another call comes from Sarah, who she and Ben want the room for Wednesday; he tells her that he has to work it out with Travis and Amy for that day. Mary remarks that she is happy people like Sheldon. She and George are happy about it, but then realize they want it to use it for a goof off room. They go to tell Sheldon, who wants to catch them in the act. The two of them say it is not a good idea and maybe wait until morning. Sheldon grumbles about the dirty goof offs as his parents leave. The episode ends with George and Missy watching the Beverly Hillbillies, as Meemaw goes to hunt down Georgie for making more changes to the casino with June.





  • Taylor Spreitler as Sam
  • Grady Lee Richmond as Wade
  • Matthew Josten as Bobby
  • Keanush Tafreshi as Matt
  • Aneasa Yacoub as Diane