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"An Ankle Monitor and a Big Plastic Crap House" is the 8th episode in season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 18, 2024.


Sheldon studies to be Meemaw's lawyer when she is put on house arrest, and the Coopers have a plumbing emergency. [1]

Extended Plot[]

Meemaw gets put on house arrest for being a flight risk, she's not able to cross 50 yards from her house and it gets worse for Meemaw as the only thing Dale bought to entertain her was puzzles. Later on, while Meemaw is still pretty mad about getting house arrested and at Dale, Georgie and Mandy finally come home from their vacation, Meemaw immediately reveals what had happened in the past weekend, and Meemaw reveals that the Laundromat and the Video store had been shut down aswell, leaving them to wonder what they're going to do about money.

Georgie and Mandy at Dales

Georgie and Mandy comes home.

George comes in the kitchen while Sheldon is studying for a bar exam, he reveals that he wants to be Meemaw's lawyer and makes a statement about Vincent "The Chin" Gigante, Missy comes in and says that the toilet's backed up, George tries to use a plunger to get it out but it gets worse and they're forced to calling a plumbing company, George is shocked by the price while Phil reveals that the septic tank got shot, George asks for a friends-and-family discount as they went to high school together but Phil reveals that George had been mean to him, George comes to the living room and brings Georgie along to do his "plan".

George plunging

George trying to fix the toilet.

Meemaw gets an old-age crisis while Dale is doing terribly to comfort her, he then goes to the electric store.

George and Georgie lift a porta-potty behind the house, Georgie suggests putting it beside the fence but George says "Look better? It's a Big Plastic Crap House", the whole family dislikes it.

George plan

George's "plan".

Due to the porta-potty situation, Georgie and Mandy (and of course the baby) both stay at the McAllister house, they all sleep in Mandy's room (which is filled with posters of actors from her era), Georgie is reminded of how old his wife was, meanwhile, Audrey keeps on ranting about Georgie and his criminal records, while Jim thinks of putting Georgie to work in the tire shop, also, Georgie talks about his personality and how he's set-to-mind, and when he gets a child named George as well, he would want him to be George Jr. Jr. and not George the third as to not getting him get beat up for being too fancy.

Georgie and Mandy at McAllisters

Georgie and Mandy in the McAllister's

Sheldon tries his best to hold his pee but his bladder couldn't, he tries to use the porta-potty but instead of a porta-potty he imagines it as a Tardis and himself as Doctor Who, but it doesn't work and Sheldon is forced to relieve himself in Billy Sparks' Chicken coop.

Sheldon regret

Sheldon regrets peeing in the chicken coop.

In the morning, Georgie tries his best to gain Audrey's trust, even going so far as to cooking breakfast and offering to go to the market to buy eggs, but Audrey makes a reference about how he's not job-hunting, Jim tries to say something but Audrey shushes him.

Georgie breakfast

Georgie makes breakfast.

Sheldon goes to Meemaw's house to explain the plan to her, under a certain article, people with mental incompetence can't get arrested but they will get institutionized, Meemaw declines it and says that Dale has already got a nephew that's a lawyer, Sheldon gets slightly offended but politely agrees with it.

Georgie reading

Georgie reading "Three Little Piggies" to CeeCee.

Georgie comes back from groceries and reveals that he applied for bag boy position, he then explains how he's gonna upgrade all the way to H.Q and that even if he doesn't have a high school diploma, he's still a member of the "can-do club", Audrey leaves agitated and later on, while Georgie cleans out rain gutters, he makes a grammar mistake which makes their relationship worse, later, while Georgie reads "Three Little Piggies" to CeeCee, Audrey watches but Georgie makes a statement about her pooping which makes her leave.


Meemaw and Dale having a discussion with the Attorney.

Back to Meemaw, she and Dale have a talk with the Attorney who explains that she loses every business but gets no jail time, she gets hesitant about it but gets forced to agree and pay the fines, she goes to the Cooper house and gets some money from a square hole she put in the wall, Mary is shocked by it and also reveals what had happened with their bathroom, Meemaw gives her the money and while Mary hugs and says thanks, Missy squeals and runs out of the porta-potty yelling "Snake's back! Snake's back!".

Georgie bag boy

Georgie announces his new job.

Later at night, Georgie reveals that he got the job to which Audrey finally lets Jim announce that he can help selling tires, Georgie is excited about it and says that he's gonna work his butt off.

Porta-potty tipped over

George in the porta-potty that tipped over.

At night, George tries to use the porta-potty, while he's doing his business, the snake comes back and while Georgie tries to escape, he tips the porta-potty over.





  • Rebecca Metz as Officer Gilroy
  • Nicholas Heffelfinger as Bryce
  • Greg Bryan as Phil
  • Dean Sharpe as Rich


Vanity Card[]



  • With Georgie working for Jim's tire shop, this is the second reference to him building his Dr. Tire business.


(Sheldon peeing in the chicken coop)
Adult Sheldon: "Until my wife, those hens were the only females i ever exposed myself to"

Missy: (squealing) "Snake's back! Snake's back"
Meemaw (to Mary): "Nice house."

(While George is using the porta-potty)
George: "What the hell is…? Oh, a snake! Snake! Oh! A snake! Snake!"
(Porta-potty falls to the side)
George: "Mary! Bring a towel!"