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An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius is the eighth episode of the second season of the American comedy Young Sheldon. This episode aired on November 8, 2018.


Sheldon receives a Tanoshi video game console from Meemaw with a video game called the Quest for Adeera. Sheldon declines because he does not think it's a good use of time. But to make Sheldon agree to play Meemaw tickles Sheldon.

Sheldon sits in the living room and reads the instruction manual while Meemaw sits. After he is finishes the instruction manual, he reads the warranty. Sheldon manages to turn the game on and asks Meemaw what name should be entered; he thinks of combining the letters of their names together. They start the game and Sheldon plays the game, taking control of the player and entering a cave. Sheldon progress and fights enemies, with Meemaw encouraging him to kill the monsters. They spend the day playing the game.

George and Georgie take the truck to a mechanic's shop. The mechanic took a look at the truck to see if anything needs to be fixed; Georgie points at what needs to be done. It was just the Thermostat that needed to fix. Georgie wanted to fix it on his own so the mechanic lets him put on some overalls and allows it; George finds humor in the fact that he is paying a mechanic so his own son fixes his truck. At night, Mary is hesitant to allow Georgie to get a job. Missy is supportive. Meanwhile, she looks at the magic 8 ball and asks if she will get to be a cheerleader.

Over the next few days, Sheldon after school goes to Meemaw's house so he can continue playing the game so he can rescue the 8-bit princess. While they play, Meemaw sets some ground rules where she gets to battle the monsters and Sheldon gets to battle every other levels. At dinner, Georgie and George discuss stories, and how Herschel is a car genius. Missy asks the black 8-ball says if dad is getting his feelings hurt. Sheldon and Meemaw run in, take some food off the table, and run back to her house so they can continue playing without fuss. Later at night, Mary comes into the house and tells Sheldon to come back home since is past his bed time. Mary asks her mother how old she is, but Meemaw blows a raspberry. As Sheldon and Mary walk home, Herschel knocks on their home door, asking if Georgie can cover a shift because someone called in sick. Georgie wants to skip football so he can work in the garage. But is told that he is expected to continue playing football despite being put on the bench for most of the time.

At night, Sheldon calls Meemaw to tell her to not play without him. Sheldon uses his binocular and observes her playing without him and calls her again.

The next day, George is taking Sheldon to school instead. His dad has decided he feels a bit miffed with Georgie and he will go with his mother instead.

Meemaw is at home, wanting to play the game, remembering Sheldon wants to play as well. She goes to his school and asks to check him out. Sheldon is in class with a pop quiz, and gets pulled out. He is not thrilled at all, but is ok with the moment. At home, they reach the boss, and Meemaw gives Sheldon the controller and they beat the final boss; they save the final princess to their jubilant delight. Meemaw proposes they go to the store to buy a new video game, to their excitement.

At work, George's coworker mentions his son did not show up to practice; he does not ask more, but George wonders why he does not ask to his own confusion. At home, George is sitting in the backyard and Heschel comes over to talk, with some light beer; he reveals that Georgie has a “special gift” with respect to cars and is very good at fixing and patching tires and he could have a great career in the future.

At the tire shop, Georgie embraces a tire and finds the puncture. George and Heschel watch and acknowledge Georgie has talent.

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  • Pam Cook as Diane


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Trivia []

  • Meemaw gifts Sheldon a Tanoshi, a console that is a reference and looks like a SNES (the name probably refers to the Japanese word for fun.), with SNES controllers (though why not use an actual SNES since the NES was used just seconds earlier is unknown), and a game called "The Quest for Adeera", with a box that is similar to the first The Legend of Zelda's. The flavor text in the box back says "Brave adventurer prepare to enter a world beyond your imagination, where the only sound you'll hear is your own heart pounding as you race through the dark woods", a reference to the one on the back of the first Zelda's, and the HUD and gameplay is similar too.


Sheldon: So now what? We just return to our ordinary lives?
Meemaw: I guess so. Or... we could just go to the store and buy another game.
Adult Sheldon: Since that night, I've battled orcs, zombies, Nazis, Nazi-zombies, a dinosaur in a go-kart, and played Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" on a stringless, plastic guitar. But nothing would ever compare to that first quest with my meemaw. Although Leonard pulling a groin muscle doing Dance Dance Revolution was a close second.