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Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary is the seventeenth episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 7, 2019.


Inspired by his hero, Albert Einstein, Sheldon tries his hand at the violin; Mary and Meemaw secretly buy a pregnancy test when Mary thinks she's pregnant.

Extended Plot[]

Adult Sheldon recollects back in the day, he dreamed of being Albert Einstein 2.0 while Missy and Georgie idol-worshipped Cyndi Lauper and Bon Jovi respectively, Sheldon dreamed of being Albert Einstein 2.0. That morning Sheldon decides to learn playing the violin as music helped Einstein formulate his own theories.

Mary tells George that she needs to visit Meemaw and he should make the twins’ lunches. At Meemaw's house, she reveals she may be pregnant as she's two days late on her menstrual cycle. Meemaw asks her not to worry, but Mary's convinced. Meemaw reminds her that she was also convinced that Georgie was gonna be a girl. Mary points out that her elder son does indeed have very pretty hair.

At school, Sheldon approaches Ms. Fenley to teach him how to play the violin. She lends him an old violin and a guiding video to practice at home, and tells him that it isn't the easiest instrument to learn. Sheldon asks if she can play it, says yes and he'll learn.  

Meemaw and Mary visit the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy kit. Mary recognizes the pharmacist to be the dad of a classmate of Missy. Meemaw is sent to pick up one while she hides by an aisle. Brenda Sparks meets Meemaw and is a bit puzzled; Meemaw says it is for her because she has a new boyfriend, claiming she comes from a very fertile line of women. Billy spots Mary and asks if she is playing hide-and-seek; she says yes. Brenda overhears and smirks.

At home, Mary takes the test, Meemaw gives her company from outside the bathroom walls. She tells she'll be there for her no matter what the outcome is and if it's positive, George would be okay after a few beers and malt liquor. The golden minute arrives- both peer at the stick and the next second, Mary rushes to get that malt liquor.

Sheldon is busy practicing with help of the guide video and Missy who'd come to watch “Ducktales” on TV watches him struggle instead. This is officially her new favorite TV show. Georgie joins in on the watch party. Mary goes to the church to see Pastor Jeff. Peg puts items in envelopes and Mary gags form the cigarette smoke. Mary says says she is expecting and Jeff congratulations her; she wants him to lower his voice as George is unaware. Mary then confirms it is his child. Jeff joking admits that his small town pastor position has allowed him to learn about all the juicy details circling around town over the years and tells her a story about another Mary way weirder than hers.

Mary gets home and is ready to reveal the news to George. She starts with the story of another Mary. In the meanwhile, Sheldon is struggling to pick up “Twinkle Twinkle” and generate scientific theories of his own. George is shocked and even more shocked that others new before he did. Mary tries calming him down and just then Sheldon knocks on the door. He reveals that he now knows why music worked for Einstein and not for him – he needs to become a Jewish person, simple!

At dinner Sheldon greets his family with a “Shalom” and wearing a pinned cap. His siblings are bemused and he tells them that it's a Yarmulke, a traditional Jewish hat which preaches that God is always over them. Meemaw bursts into laughter. Mary gives her a side-eye and states that it's not a Yarmulke and rather it's her coaster that she crocheted at Bible camp. Mary asks George to say something, but he apparently has bigger things to worry about. After saying grace, when Sheldon asks if the hot dogs are kosher, Meemaw can't control her laughter any longer. 

The next evening George is drinking beer at the porch swing. Herschel visits and wonders if it is about Sheldon's violin practice. Herschel's chicken have been dropping eggs like crazy ever since the violin's been playing. He congratulates George on the other news, but George is worried about their financial situation not being enough. Herschel tries cheering him up saying the fiddle playing might’ve spiked up fertility among all females, including his chickens. He goes to get George some eggs. George goes to request a raise from Principal Peterson. Peterson already knows and congratulates him. He then asks if he'd threaten to quit if not given a raise. George says he'd rob a bank. Peterson gives a raise of $100 a week. George thanks him and takes a leave.

Sheldon calls up Temple Judea in Houston and speaks to Rabbi Schneiderman regarding his conversion. The rabbi wants to know why he wants to convert. Sheldon says as most scientists are Jewish it's logical to make the switch. The rabbi asks how his parents feel about it. After some thought, the rabbi asks him to remain himself because after his life's over God won't ask him as to why he wasn't Einstein. He'd rather ask why wasn't he Sheldon? Sheldon's hit by the rabbi's words.

George gets home to share the raise news but finds out that Mary has already lost the baby. He comforts her saying that he loved and still loves their first three and that the fourth one would’ve been a charm! Sheldon comes in to let them know that he's dropped the idea of converting and will remain their atheist Baptist son. Finding his mom welled up, he asks if she has been crying. Adult Sheldon remembers this day when his good deed moved his mom to tears.

George goes back to the principal to cancel his raise. Realizing what might’ve happened, Peterson feels sorry and refuses to take it back and asks him to keep it. George thanks him. Sheldon returns the violin back to Ms. Fenley. Judging by the very early return, she wonders if his fingers were hurting. Sheldon says he had spoken to Rabbi Schneiderman from Temple Judea in Houston and after having a discussion he has realized that he wouldn't need it anymore.






  • This episode marks the final in person appearance of Herschel Sparks. This is due to Billy Gardell's commitments on Bob Hearts Abishola. He was mentioned in several episodes later.


  • Sheldon, how may I help you? - Rabbi Schniederman