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"A Wiener Schnitzel and Underwear in a Tree" is the first episode of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The season premiere of Season 7 aired on Thursday, February 15, 2024 after a delay from the Writers' Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strike.


News of the tornado reaches Sheldon and Mary in Germany. Also, with the Cooper house in chaos, Missy steps up.[1]


In the Cooper house, Missy gave Mandy the only diaper she had found. George called Mary to tell her about a tornado. Missy came and asked George where the spare sheets were. Mary heard and told George it was in the linen closet. When George didn't know there was a linen closet, Mary believed she and Sheldon needed to return to Texas. George said Sheldon wouldn't be happy about that. Sheldon was eating the best pretzel he had had at a cafe.

At Dale's house, Meemaw called an insurance company to inquire about tornado insurance, but she didn't have any. Connie asked to talk to the supervisor, and waiting music played. Dale came and told Meemaw she could stay there until they rebuilt.

Back in the Cooper house, Missy made breakfast and lunch for everyone. Mandy complimented her by telling her she would make a good mom. Missy then told Georgie to help her clean the house as he was not going to work and Mandy to get some groceries and baby supplies. George came, and Missy told him he was watching CeeCee that day. George questioned who put her in charge, and Georgie, Mandy, and Missy raised their hands.

Meanwhile, at Pastor Jeff and Robin's place, Robin discovered $1,230 in cash in their backyard. Pastor Jeff believed it had blown from Meemaw's house and wanted to return it, but Robin convinced him to keep it. She told him Meemaw was running an illegal gambling establishment and to trust God as the American bill said.

When Sheldon returned to his and Mary's dorm, Mary told him about what happened in Meemaw's house. Mary then told Sheldon that they needed to return to Texas. Sheldon wondered why they should return home, and Mary answered they could provide solace. However, Sheldon didn't want to return home as class was starting the day after.

At Dale's house, Dale made fun of Meemaw for not having tornado insurance despite living in Texas. Meemaw was angry at him, so she left and went to the Coopers.

Later, Missy arranged everyone's living quarters. Georgie, Mandy, and CeeCee were in Sheldon's room, Meemaw was sleeping in George and Mary's bedroom, and George got in the garage.

When Pastor Jeff got home, he found a Trinitron 27-inch TV. Robin had bought it. Jeff wanted to take part in deciding. Robin said she could return it. Jeff was hesitant at first, but Robin convinced him to keep it.

Sheldon returned while Mary was calling the airlines to change their return flight to the day after. Sheldon ended the call by pressing a button. Mary said she was his mother, so Sheldon had to obey her. Sheldon then lay on the sofa in passive resistance. Mary said Connie had lost her home, and Sheldon could be there for her. Sheldon said to ask Meemaw whether she would want them there. Meemaw said it was too crowded at the Cooper house, and Sheldon and Mary would be in the way. Mary kept saying they could go back, and when Meemaw asked to speak with Sheldon, Mary hung up.

The day after, Dale went to the Coopers to talk to Meemaw. He also brought some flowers for her. However, Connie was taking CeeCee for a walk. Missy answered the door, and she and Dale sat down and talked while Missy drank coffee with a lot of sugar.

At the laundromat, Mandy visited Georgie. He showed her the business was booming. Mandy believed people wanted to gamble because they were frightened by the tornado and were afraid they would die at the hands of one. Georgie then told Mandy that her mom had just visited the video store. Georgie said Audrey had offered them a place to live. However, Mandy claimed her mother was never kind, and Audrey had been plotting to control Mandy's life.

Meanwhile, Dale and Missy were still talking when Connie returned with CeeCee. Meemaw told Missy to leave, and she went to run around the block since she was in a caffeine rush. Dale and Meemaw talked, and Meemaw apologized to Dale. Meemaw said she was embarrassed not having insurance because she thought something like a tornado would happen to her. They made up.

George was bringing out the trash when he saw Pastor Jeff throwing away the cardboard box used to package the new television. Missy ran past them, still hyped from the caffeine rush.

At a bar, Mary tried to order Dr. Pepper and sweet tea. However, they didn't sell those. Mary ended up ordering a beer. It was bigger than she expected.

Back in Texas, George, Missy, Meemaw, Dale, Georgie, and Mandy were having dinner. Missy had prepared spaghetti. She made them say grace, and they all started eating. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. George answered it, and it was Pastor Jeff. He had brought the TV Robin had bought. Pastor didn't want to go to hell, so he gave George the TV and left.

In Germany, Sheldon was in the cafeteria with some school friends. They were chatting when Mary came, drunk, and she sang Danke Schoen loudly. She came to Sheldon's table and hugged and kissed Sheldon, embarrassing him.

Back at the Cooper house, George, Missy, Dale, Meemaw, Mandy, and Georgie watched baseball on the new TV. They were amazed by the size and color.

In Mary and Sheldon's dorm, Mary was throwing up in the toilet. Sheldon told her sympathetic vomiting had an evolutionary basis. Sheldon said in the Paleolithic era when a tribe member would start vomiting, it was a signal to the rest that they'd eaten something poisonous. Sheldon then also started vomiting.







  • Filming started on November 21, 2023.
  • The episode title was changed before the episode starts to air.[1]
  • This episode will be the first appearance of Pastor Jeff’s wife Robin since "A House for Sale and Serious Woman Stuff" (S3E19), a span of 65 episodes.
  • The storyline is continued from Season 6 two-part finale.
  • The episode drew in 11.2 million viewers.[2]


Mary: We have to go home. There was a tornado, and Meemaw's house was destroyed!
Sheldon: Class is starting tomorrow. I'm not going anywhere.
Mary: You are going home!
Sheldon: The people of Germany are obsessed with rules and devoid of humor. I am home.