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"A Tougher Nut and a Note on File" is the 7th episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on November 10, 2022.


Sheldon's search for a comic book leads him to a breakthrough. Also, Georgie and Mandy have an uncomfortable first encounter with her parents, Jim and Audrey.[1]


Mandy and Georgie go into a fancy restaurant called The Medford Corner Grill, where they see Mandy's parents. They talk, but are given a cold reception by her mother; his father is happier to see her.

Missy is at the comic store when Sheldon comes in asking about a comic; Missy had sold it already to Nathan despite a note on file. He finds out who it is and it is Nathan, someone he knew a while ago.

Sheldon calls Nathan, who says they can trade if Sheldon can find a specific comic to complete the collection. He uses the internet, but it was slow; he even uses a computer in Dr. Linkletter’s office to use his modem, only to realize the desired comic is sold. Dr. Linkletter gives him the idea of using computers to inventories comics.

Georgie goes to the tire shop to meet the parents. He gets along with her dad but is met with hostility from her mother. He leaves. Mandy confronts them at the Laundromat and storms out.

Sheldon tells Nigel about a potential new system. Nigel tells Missy to work nights. At night, they close the store and start working on the inventory of comics on the computer. Missy calls out the comic while Sheldon types them into the system. They have Nathan to help. Missy goes home while Nathan and Sheldon get together to organize it. They talk about computers having a centralized system; Sheldon and Nathan have different ideas, as Sheldon wants one for Grants and scientists while Nathan wants to see women. Sheldon runs out, leading him to rob the store.

Jim McAllister comes to the Cooper home and meets Mary and George. Jim wanted to give money to Mandy, but he did not want to do it, fearing it would lead to divorce from his wife. Georgie comes to Meemaw's house to apologize to Mandy, and she sees her dad's truck. She enters the house and talks to her dad, only to be repulsed that he is there. Mary says her parents love him.

At the end of the episode, Sheldon makes a pitch to President Hagemeyer about the system; he wants to do it while she has the rights to the system, and she will get the money. She agrees and Sheldon wants to do it.





  • This is the 19th time young Sheldon Cooper is absent in the cold open.
  • Linkletter does give Sheldon an idea to create a database, but for comic books, not research grants as he just wants to shoo Sheldon away. It isn't until later, at the comic book store, that Sheldon thinks of using the database for research grants. Motivated by greed, Linkletter will misremember these details in a later episode.
  • Nathan would like a database of "available women" (Tinder was about a couple of decades away). Of the many applications for a database, this is not one Sheldon cares about.

Vanity Card[]



  • It seems Sheldon has moved dorm rooms from Hudson Hall to Bower Hall, which looks the same on the outside.
    • It is unknown that he moved into the dorms full time.
  • In this episode, Mandy's real first name is revealed (Amanda).
  • We saw Georgie's future business when he runs into Mandy's father who is running a tire shop empire.