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"A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring" is the twenty-second episode and part two of the double season six finale of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 18, 2023.


Sheldon and Mary head to Germany while the rest of the Cooper family braves a tornado that is heading straight for Medford.[1]


The family are at home with a prayer before dinner. Mandy and Georgie are excited at their engagement and Mary wants their wedding to occur after the summer in Germany.

Sheldon is in his room when he uses his knocker to get Missy's attention. He apologizes for ratting her out in the previous episode; when he leaves, he wants to leave on friendly terms and will miss him. A knock at the door reveals she returned the radio.

At morning, Meemaw and Dale talk when Georgie come in and say he has an engagement ring picked up but does not have it because it is expensive. He wants some money for a diamond ring, but Dale strongly advises the young man to get a cubic zirconium ring instead.

George, Mary, Sheldon, and Missy go to the airport by car. At the airport, George urges Missy to hug Mary and Sheldon. Missy reluctantly hugs her mother, but her brother is okay with not getting a hug.

At the McAllister home, Mandy's parents are happy about the upcoming wedding. It is going to be a small wedding, which Audra agrees. The parents are a bit concerned about other people knowing since they would assume she is already married. Mandy's offended and tries to leave, but can not due to the heavy rainstorm.

On the flight, Sheldon is very anxious with his mother. He gets up and wants to meet Hans van Doornewaard, a famous physicist who happens to also be on the flight. Sheldon goes see the renowned scientist the moment when the seatbelt sign goes off.

A tornado touches down in Medford. At the McAllister home, Mandy asks for a towel to dry herself off after getting soaked in just a few seconds of standing outside.

On the drive home from the airport, Missy gets scared and asks George what to do during a tornado warning, which was announced for four counties in Texas. After Missy sees a tornado funnel, she wants to get out of the car. George pulls over and leads her to a ditch, where they lie down, and he tries to shield her as best as he can. She apologizes to her father for how she has been acting lately and admits she loves everyone in her family, and promises to change. George forgives her.

At the laundromat, the windows break and Dale urges everyone, including Pastor Jeff, to go into the gambling room for shelter. Jeff leads the group into prayer from the storm.

After the tornado dissipates, Meemaw is heartbroken to see that the tornado destroyed her house. Her family helps her pick up the pieces. Pastor Jeff also starts helping, and decides he will keep quiet about the gambling room because she's been punished enough.

Mary and Sheldon arrive safely in Germany and check into a hotel room. Mary tries to call home but gets no response.





  • Oliver Moorhead as Dr. Van Doornewaard
  • Sonal Shan as Sue
  • April Wahlin as Gate Agent (V.O.) (voice)




  • In real life, Hans van Doornewaard is a supervising producer or co-producer who has worked on almost a hundred episodes of Young Sheldon as of this episode.
  • The episode had been filmed when the Warner Bros. Lot was undergoing redevelopment where sets were destroyed to be replaced. As a result, Meemaw's house was a casualty as well. Writers on the show had to include the tornado as the in-universe reason to include the destruction of the house.
  • Sheldon mistakenly says he was 15 in this episode and in "The Pancake Batter Anomaly".


Announcer: The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the following counties: Polk, Trinity, Angelina, Nacogdoches.



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