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"A Suitcase Full of Cash and a Yellow Clown Car" is the sixteenth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 10, 2022.


Meemaw's gambling room is a success, and Sheldon dips his toe in the stock market. Also, Missy starts a business.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Adult Sheldon and Adult Amy narrate the opening about relationships. He talks about neuroscience and she points out her Nobel Prize in that field. They natter over parts of a relationship including money and intimacy.

Meemaw shows Dale a suitcase full of money. She had revealed the gambling room has made $14,000 in small bills. Meemaw refuses to take it to a bank because it would mean they would investigate her for money laundering. Dale suggests she is a stripper, which would be believable. She gives $100 to Sheldon and Sheldon. Missy tells Meemaw she is thankful, and Sheldon is too. Missy asks if there is an inheritance as well, but Meemaw retorts saying it depends on how they treat her in her golden years. Missy tells her she loves her and she is pretty, while Sheldon thanks her.

George goes to work. Wayne tells him that he attended a booster's meeting; they floated the idea of replacing Wayne to be the coach the next year.

That night, George talks to Mary about it and a course of action on what to do if he is fired. Mary suggests asking President Hagemeyer about a job; Mary mentions they are used to losing so it doesn't matter. In a meeting with President Hagemeyer, she tells him that they no longer have a football team, saying that the school is a science-focused school. The stadium is still used by the soccer team. She suggests he go to Texas A&M and he says he will try for the Cowboys. She tells him to reach for the stars.

Missy asks Sheldon for a calculator. She wants to figure out what to do with the money. Sheldon says he is using it and points to his head. He continues to talk about shares and money from Radio Shack, leading to Missy leaving and saying she will buy her own calculator.

George and Dale meet at Nate's Roundhouse for a beer and discuss George's dilemma. Dale offers him a job at the store, which George decides to take under consideration. He accepts the job.

Sheldon decides to use his money to invest in shares of RadioShack. Meanwhile, Missy goes to Meemaw's place to buy cotton candy. Sheldon tells her that she will get a stomachache.

Dale tells Meemaw about giving George a job offer at his store. He says the two of them can travel now since George can manage the store, but Meemaw isn't too keen on the idea.

Missy tells Georgie she made cotton candy with butterscotch candy. He thinks she can sell it and convinces her to go into business. Meanwhile, Sheldon calls Radio Shack, trying to talk to the CEO; but he is hung up on.

At the store, George sells a mother and son some sneakers when Dale reminds him that he is working on commission. As George adds more to the order, Meemaw comes to pick up Dale. She takes him out in her new sports car, causing him to complain.

Sheldon asks Mary to take him to church to send a document via fax to Radio Shack. She says she cannot for the moment but will take it in the morning, but he continues to argue. She stands firm on her no and he storms off.

Roy comes into the store and notices George. He gives him a hard time for the year. George is thankful that he is working. Roy asks for fishing equipment, and he is helped by George.

Dale and Meemaw go out to eat at the La Puerta Roja Cantina restaurant. Talking about and discussing their relationship, it is obvious that they are on different pages in terms. They break up their relationship.

Missy tells Georgie about making money with her machine generating cotton candy. Georgie is impressed and comes up with more lucrative ideas such as calling them exclusive and selling them for $1; people would love limited edition labels. At the same time, Sheldon decides to call Radio Shack to suggest a few ideas for them to deal with; he gets information on the annual shareholders meeting that occurs in another town, but he is unable to attend. He tries to make some suggestions but is hung up on again.

The next day, Meemaw enters Dale's store where they talk about their relationship. They talk and realize they should end the relationship. Meemaw wanted to enjoy their life. Dale wanted to slow down slightly and has a way out when Georgie wanted to purchase the store. Dale tells Meemaw that the relationship is over.

The episode ends with Adult Sheldon reflecting on his money thoughts. He also shares that Missy's cotton candy business went under due to bugs. The electronics store he wanted to see come to fruition, it opened but went out of business quickly.





  • Jully Lee as Chloe
  • Drew Powell as Roy
  • Sarah Jane Mackay as Sally
  • Landen Beattie as Jesse

Special Guest[]


  • Title Reference:
    • A Suitcase Full of Cash: What Meemaw brings home,
    • A Yellow Clown Car: The Mazda Miata that she buys, which is far too small for Dale Ballard (or anybody over 5'8") to ride in.
  • The 11th time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • Sheldon Cooper is too young to invest in the stock market, unless his parents invested in stock for him. Mary is usually against it, because of her religion.
  • Amy Farrah Fowler returns in this episode for the second time as a voice over cameo, after previously doing so in "Graduation". Howard Wolowitz also was a voice over cameo on "An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel".
  • George Cooper Sr works as a part-time sales clerk at Dales Ballard store. It is unknown if he still keeps his coaching job in the high school.
  • Radio Shack is still in business, but Sheldon Cooper investing in a Superstore is the worse idea ever and why he lost money. He should have invested in Walmart stock and their superstore makes money.

Vanity Card[]


  • The Incredible Universe location shown in the last scene is located in Tempe, AZ, and was one of 6 (out of 17) stores that was bought by Fry's Electronics before they ceased operations in 1997. Fry's itself would go out of business in 2021.


Missy Cooper: I'm learning, but it's fun. This is weird.