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A Stunted Childhood and a Can of Fancy Mixed Nuts is the tenth episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on December 6, 2018.


Sheldon tries to act like a kid after learning that people with stunted childhoods can become social outcasts; Meemaw teaches Dr. Sturgis how to drive, putting their relationship to the test.


The Coopers are out for shopping. Meemaw wants to buy heels but Mary reminds her that she's already taller. Mary helps Sheldon find shoes to his own preferences. Coincidentally, Paige and her mother are out shopping as well. Paige and Missy are delighted to see each other and they leave for the ‘Hello Kitty’ store. On the road home, Missy suggests inviting Paige for a sleepover, but concedes she will have to sleep with them in the same bed.

The next day, Linda drops off Paige. Paige says is cute to see Sheldon working on Chemistry homework. Missy is thrilled to see Paige.

Meemaw is driving John to an early bird dinner as apparently John's had issues with eating as so he was nicknamed “Ole Burpy” in school. John also reveals that he wants to learn driving and wants Meemaw to teach him.

Paige and Missy are outside drinking tea. Paige tells Missy about how a leaf that fell into boiling water led to its discovery. This leaves Missy baffled as she always thought that tea came from supermarkets.

At dinner, when George asks Sheldon why didn't he join the girls for picnic he states that he's no hippie to be dining outdoors. He also clears Georgie's doubt by stating that Paige is a colleague more than a friend who's now behaving like a ten year old. Mary explains it's because she is a ten year old. Poor Georgie is perplexed as he tries figuring out what “colleague” means. Mary and George roll eyes.

The girls are playing paper fortune teller and Paige invites Sheldon to play. He declines to play. Missy and Paige likes the game and thinks Sheldon is like an old man. Missy asks him what is his favorite color. Its “khaki”.

Paige and Missy's activities keep up Sheldon. Waking up, he finds them in Georgie's room and tying his ankles together so he will trip; Sheldon is worried he may get hurt. Refusing to be a party, i'm old, yet again.

The girls are back in the room and Paige is narrating a ghost story. Just as she reaches the climax of the story, Sheldon points out the unscientific information. She reminds him that it is all for fun, commenting that people with stunted childhoods grow up to be social misfits and weirdos. Attempting to rebuff her, she names the magazine and issue. Recalling this night, adult Sheldon narrates and assures that he is a charming well-adjusted individual.

At school, Sheldon sits with Tam and verifies Paige's claim and that gets Tam worried as well. Tam too believes that he's living a stunted childhood as he either does homework or practices cello or works at his parents’ store. Sheldon plans correction direction by goofing off, horseplay, and acting immature. He asks if Tam would like to join, but he says he'd rather marry an American woman and hope she'd fix him, leaving Sheldon puzzled.

Afternoon time, Missy is on the swings. She's surprised when Sheldon joins her in an attempt to be carefree. He tries with great difficulty and within minutes Missy storms into the house screaming that Sheldon threw up on her! In order to behave childishly, Sheldon next goes to a comic book store and stops at a Bazinga rack where it's written that if it's funny it's Bazinga. This puts him in thought. John is busy with the driving written test and notes that he generally gives tests, but this time he's taking one, an act that prompts Meemaw to be quiet. Later, he successfully drives out but gets nervous at the traffic signal with a yellow light. He manages to drive past, but gets nervous as there are too many variables involved.

At home, Sheldon is busy trying out the bazingas on George with a gum prank and later on Georgie with a can of fancy mixed nuts. He also prank calls Billy Sparks and later Meemaw. Witnessing the latter to be a disaster and Sheldon feeling defeated, Missy concludes that Sheldon will indeed grow up to be a weirdo. Seeing her brother upset and worried, Missy goes to sit besides him to assure that it'll all be alright. She sits and a fart noise comes from under the sofa mattress. She looks at Sheldon surprised as she had no idea he was faking. Sheldon Bazinga-s her and walks out triumphantly as adult Sheldon remembers that to be the moment his prankster self had been born.

At dinner, George asks John about his first driving lesson; he explains about the yellow light fiasco and his narration holds Sheldon's attention. Sheldon tells Missy that this is how a story should be told, prompting her to roll her eyes. John adds that Meemaw likes him and the entire family is happy.





  • Chris Wylde as Glenn
  • Alex Staggs as Stan
  • Kevin D'Arcy as DMV Employee



  • What Paige said about Sheldon's future where he grows up as a weirdo and social misfit as an adult is true and how he become who he is in The Big Bang theory.
  • This episode reveals the origin of Sheldon's catchphrase, "Bazinga!".