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"A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy" is the 3rd episode of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 29, 2024.


Sheldon explores Germany behind Mary's back, Missy attempts to pull a fast one on George Sr. and Meemaw and Dale adjust to living together.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Sheldon fights with Mary over him not being able to explore Europe, the fight ends with Sheldon going to his room, Mary sits on the couch and reads George's letter, the letter reads the situation in the Cooper household, it also include's Missy's new friend, Taylor.

10 days later, George receives a letter from Mary, George reads the letter, the letter read things about her fight with Sheldon.

In Germany, Sheldon is seen riding a train, willfully disobeying Mary and putting his belongings at risk.

Back to George, While George is writing a letter, Meemaw grabs a beer from the fridge, Meemaw calls him cheap for writing a letter, George reminds her that one phone call cost as much as a tank of gas, Meemaw is surprised that George gets letters back seeing as her house got blown away and she didnt even get a single postcard, George tells her to write her first, Meemaw tells him that she's not her “cheapskate husband”.

Meanwhile in Germany, Sheldon is highlighting places where he wants to go next, Mary suddenly comes in making Sheldon act weird, Mary asks whats wrong, Sheldon tells her its the studying, Mary asks if it about him not being able to explore Europe and asks Sheldon if he's still mad about it, Sheldon uses it as an excuse and tells her yes and Mary leaves the room, Sheldon writes a letter to Missy telling her about what he did. Missy reads the letter and calls Sheldon a loser.

Meanwhile, while Dale is practicing the guitar, Meemaw is writing a letter to Mary about her life after the tornado, Meemaw gets annoyed with Dale's guitar and singing and tells Dale to pick another song, Dale tells her its his house, Meemaw continues writing the letter but Dale keeps playing the wrong notes.

At the Cooper house, Georgie comes in the kitchen with flyers, Georgie thinks about becoming a guitarist, Mandy asks why, Georgie tells her so that her love for him deepens, Georgie gives George Mary's letter, Mandy thinks its romantic that they’re writing letters to each other, Georgie thinks its cheap, While Georgie and Mary leave the kitchen, George reads Mary's letter, Mary asks if Taylor is a boy or a girl, George immediately goes up his chair and to ask Missy about it.

Back in Germany, Mary receives a letter from George, the letter included polaroids of her granddaughter and her “hot american boy toy”, George also confirms that Taylor is a boy, when George asked Missy if Taylor is a boy or girl, Missy says that Taylor is a 15 year old boy, George gets mad at her for not telling him but Missy tells him that he REALLY doesn’t like Missy, George asks if Taylor is a gal pal, Missy says yes, George agrees to let her go to his house, but when Missy goes to his house, they’re both seen making out. Missy tells Taylor that she told her dad he is gay, although Taylor doesn't care and they continue making out.

Meanwhile at Dale's house, Dale gets suspicious at Meemaw when his guitar is missing, it turns our his suspicion is correct, Meemaw only agrees to give it back but only on conditions, the conditions were if Meemaw is out of the house, he can play it all day long, but he cant keep playing the same song over and over again, and that he can only play for 10 minutes, they both agree to the deal and Meemaw tells Dale where the guitar is.

At the gambling room, While Georgie writes a letter to Mandy, a customer cashes out, Georgie asks if peaking in the shower is romantic or not, the customer tells him that it is, after Georgie gives the customer his money, Georgie includes a creepy shower part in the letter.

Back at Germany, Sheldon talks to the train conductor and tells him about how lucky he is that he's getting paid to go on a train, the train conductor tells Sheldon that his wife left him for another man, Sheldon tries to lighten the mood by telling him that it's more train time, the conductor calls him a weirdo while walking away.

At Dale's house, Dale cant sleep because of Meemaw's snoring, Dale tries to stop it by putting nose spray up Meemaw's noise, Meemaw wakes up and gets mad at him and tells him to go to sleep.

While Sheldon is writing his journey on paper, Sheldon leaves the train to grab a strudel and leaves his backpack inside, not knowing the train is about to start, the train starts and Sheldon runs while screaming at the driver to wait. After he gets stopped by colliding with a railway, Sheldon calls Missy but Missy switches the call as soon as Taylor calls.

Back at the Cooper house, Mandy reads the letter that Georgie made her, she gets weirded by the shower part, When Georgie comes in, Mandy tells her that that part was creepy, Mandy leaves the room while flirting with Georgie, telling him that she's gonna take a shower and maybe leave the door open.

Sheldon goes to talk to the guards and tries to get a car ride, the guards tell him that why doesn't his mom come and get him, Sheldon tells the guards that he has lied to his mom and asks about the car ride, the guards make him walk instead, due to them finding him annoying.

At Sheldon’s residential unit, while Mary is writing a letter to George, Missy calls and tells Mary that Sheldon might be in trouble, Mary gets confused as she thinks that Sheldon is in the library, Missy tells her that Sheldon is stuck at a train stop somewhere in Germany.

At Dale's house, Dale tells Meemaw that he's gonna sleep in the other room, Meemaw tells Dale that she’s gonna be sleeping alone and asks if its about the snoring, Dale tells her that his ears are half deaf because of it, but Meemaw guilt trips him into sleeping in her room.

Meanwhile, While Sheldon is walking, a dog runs at him and makes Sheldon run to the fields, Sheldon finally gets home right when Mary is calling the police, Sheldon arrives looking scuffed, missing a shoe, and has messy hair. Mary asks what happened and Sheldon explains to her that a dog attacked him while he was leaving "the library". Mary plays along and pretends to understand that what Sheldon said is the truth. Sheldon thinks that he has gotten away with lying to Mary.

At the Cooper house, While George is reading the letter Mary made about Sheldon, Missy asks if its okay that she and Taylor go to her room and "listen to music" and George accepts but only on the condition that the door is closed, which is probably a bad idea.

Back at Dale's house, Meemaw is loudly snoring, Dale is seen wearing earmuffs but Meemaw farts a LOT during her sleeping and snoring.





  • Missy will even the score with Sheldon. When he got her in trouble. Missy will get Sheldon in trouble, when she will rat on his mother and get him in trouble with her like Sheldon did with her. This implies that Missy is still angry with Sheldon for tattling on her in the Season 6 finale.
  • Mary is likely going to punish Sheldon again after he went exploring in Germany.
  • Sheldon never lies to Mary Cooper, but in this episode he did lie to her and will get in trouble again. This is not the first time Sheldon ever lied to his mother.
  • Meemaw will stay at Dale's house until her house gets rebuilt.
  • George never ends up finding about Missy and Taylor's relationship.



  • This episode is the first time Sheldon has lied to Mary without feeling guilty about it, although Mary mentions the guilt was "eating him alive" in her letter to George.
  • This is the third time Missy gets a boyfriend, the first two being Marcus Larson in Season 4 and Dean in Season 6.
  • This is the last episode Sheldon and Mary are in Germany. They go back to Texas in the next episode.
  • This the second time the term "Boy Toy" was used in the entire timeline, the first use of it was heard in The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation.