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"A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam" is the sixteenth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 30, 2023.


Missy steals her dad's truck and hits the road with her friend Paige.[1]


Previously on Young Sheldon: Missy's angry that George Sr. forgot to pick her up from school. Mary's staying at Connie's house, ostensibly to help with the baby, her granddaughter Cee Cee. Missy decides to take George's truck to run away.

Now in this episode, Missy's driving pretty well, until she notices the truck's almost out of gas. She goes to a gas station and gets gas by pretending that her father's going to be in the bathroom for a lengthy period of time. Feeling alone, Missy calls Paige Swanson, who quickly agrees to join her on the road trip. The next morning, the two of them go to a diner for a bacon breakfast.

Meanwhile, at the Cooper home, Sheldon asks George Sr. to cook bacon for breakfast. Mary's still at Connie's house. George reluctantly gets up and cooks as Sheldon asked. Mary comes over to get some things because she thought George wasn't at home. She thought that because George's truck isn't parked in front of the house.

Medford Police Officer Rodriguez comes over and takes a report. The cop is the one who prompts George and Mary to look in on Missy. This is when they discover Missy's not in her room as they had incorrectly assumed. Missy's probably not even in Texas anymore.

Sheldon calculates how far Missy could have gone, and correctly identifies Paige as a logical travel companion. The boy genius also pinpoints some potential destinations based on Missy's interests. Connie asks Sheldon to narrow things down. Mary calls Linda Swanson, Paige's mother.

A cop in Louisiana, Officer Larson, pulls Missy over. Paige prepares Missy to lie, but when the cop walks over, Missy blurts out that she's only thirteen, that she took her father's truck and that she and Paige didn't pay for breakfast at the diner. Larson won't let Missy and Paige off the hook but does empathize with them.

Linda drives George and Mary to go pick up Missy and Paige. On the way over, they discuss their families' somewhat similar situations. George and Mary assert they're not getting divorced. Linda tries to explain that it might be better for George and Mary to divorce than to continue in a troubled marriage. But Linda refuses to even acknowledge that her divorce could have any effect on her daughter.

Officer Larson lets Missy use the radar gun, Missy clocks one motorist going 58 miles per hour, then another one going 91 mph. Missy's amazed by the radar gun, prompting Paige to casually explain that the device measures Doppler shift. Paige is a genius like Sheldon, but more fun, according to Missy.

George drives Mary and Missy back to Texas. Mary offers to drive, and, foolishly, so does Missy. Though George is proud that with his instruction Missy was actually able to get to Louisiana without a scratch on the truck, he still forbids her from driving again. Mary also bans Missy from seeing Paige again. Missy argues that it was unfair of them to disapprove of seeing Paige because it was her idea to run away and not the latter's. Her parents ask if that comment helps her case. Missy says that she liked it better when her parents weren't talking. Mary and George dismissively and sarcastically promise Missy that if she is feeling ignored, she will have her parent's undivided attention. Old Sheldon reminisces that this was the beginning of Missy's "difficult period".





  • Karen Malina White as Officer Larson
  • Rey Herrera as Officer Rodriguez
  • Theo Wilson as Customer
  • Jason Boggs as Customer


  • The 21st time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • This is not the first time Missy ran away from home. She ran away in season 4 in The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics.
  • She runs away from her family and her parents are ignoring her. She'll likely get thoroughly punished and yelled at by her parents and her situation will be worse off.
  • Paige will go with her. Paige's life is falling apart because of her parents' divorce.
  • Mandy does not appear in this episode.
  • Georgie doesn't have much to do in this episode: he complains that Missy didn't think how much her family would worry about her, and he backs up Sheldon's hypothesis that Missy wants to meet Luke Perry.
  • This episode marked the beginning of Missy's "difficult times".
  • This is Paige's last appearance in the show.

Vanity Card[]



  • Sheldon hypothesizes that Missy's headed for Los Angeles because she wants to meet Luke Perry, who plays Dylan on Beverly Hills: 90210. Georgie calls Perry "a classic bad boy".
  • Missy and Paige feel like Thelma and Louise. Neither of them have seen that movie.