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"A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth" is the seventeenth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 31, 2022.


Sheldon gets an odd request from an old friend, Paige. Also, George Sr. and Mary are caught in the middle of Meemaw and Dale's breakup, and Georgie comes clean to Mandy.[1]

Extended plot[]

In his opening narration, older Sheldon boasts of how he and other students used to look forward to lectures the way most students used to look forward to rock concerts. Various stock footage of heavy metal and grunge bands are seen in the description. Near the end of his speech, Sheldon is seen waiting in line for a science lecture on black hole topology. While he is waiting, He runs into Paige, who is giving part of the lecture with her mentor. He says he had been waiting for three hours, and is slightly envious that she teases him about being a fan.

Georgie helps Mandy move into her new apartment. He sets up their bed, and suggests they “take a nap”. This leads them to sleeping together.

Meemaw picks Missy up from school and drops her home. They are talking about her breakup. Mary is not happy and does not want her to be hearing about it. Mary also does not want her to drink at 3:30 in the afternoon, which Meemaw retorts as Happy hour. She was happy with the new sports car she has purchased. At the store, Dale and George talk about his version of the breakup. They use a punching bag to help Dale relieve his stress and satisfaction.

Paige visits Sheldon at his room. He had left before Q&A. The team had went out for alcohol so she is on her own, despite “having” a chaperone named Mona. Darren comes to visit and invites them to play video game Mario Kart. Paige never played before, so Darren says that she can be on Oscar's team.

Mandy catches Georgie looking at her yearbook while she is at her room, and she asks if she can look at his. He tells her that he dropped out of senior year so he did not have one. Mandy wonders if Georgie's been keeping any secrets from her. Georgie decides to be honest and tells her the truth: that he is actually 17 years old. Horrified, Mandy tells him to leave and tells him he is a liar.

The guys try to get to know Paige, but she doesn't seem to be having fun. She admits she has no friends and up leaving. She is frustrated as all she does all day is in her room studying. Repulsed by Sheldon's new social status, she leaves the room.

MeeMaw and Mary drink at the bar, where MeeMaw compares peanuts to people and makes Mary feel uncomfortable.

Advised by his friends, Sheldon goes to talk to Paige, who has just finished crying. His one-time rival is still upset about being treated like a novelty and jealous that Sheldon has friends while she has an adult chaperone. She admits that she hates her life in college, and believes she is only being used to raise funds for East Texas Tech. Sheldon tells her about a similar incident in "Crappy Frozen Ice Cream and an Organ Grinder's Monkey," when he insulted a donor to the university, but the donor, appreciative of Sheldon's honesty, still gives money to the university. Hearing of that incident, Paige is even more upset over how well things are working out for him and ends up leaving, confusing the boy genius even more.

At dinner, everyone is at the table. Mary and Meemaw are drunk. Georgie is upset over his breakup and Sheldon is still reeling over his time with Paige. Meemaw also wants George to help her get her stuff back, including her purple bra. Missy decides she also wants a purple bra, leaving Mary agitated and George thinking this is a crazy dinner. The next day Meemaw is at work hungover, when Mandy comes in. She makes a fuss about Georgie being 17 and Meemaw not telling her about Georgie's real age. Georgie comes in to talk and gets his own lecture from Meemaw.

As younger Sheldon walks back to his dorm, we hear older Sheldon claim that she made him realize he was actually becoming a social butterfly. However he objects to the phrase "social butterfly" due to his fear of the creatures, even briefly becoming infuriated when he sees a screenshot of an actual butterfly. Paige goes back to Sheldon's dorm room and convinces Sheldon to let her stay. Sheldon decides to help her, so he turns to Missy for help in making her a care package. Missy thinks he needs to tell an adult about Paige for aid. She ends up telling Mary herself when Sheldon says he promised he wouldn't tell. The trio end up in Sheldon's dorm, where they find a note saying Paige ran away. Adult Sheldon says she ended up with her mother's place after a few frantic nights. He also admits he finds parenting challenging now that he is a father.

The episode ends with Georgie coming to her room and Mandy reveals she is pregnant.





  • Caleb Emery as Darren
  • Ivan Mok as Oscar
  • Bill Chott as Professor Patterson (uncredited)


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  • Georgie comes clean to Mandy and even worse if his parents found out. Mandy could go to jail for statutory rape. (The age of consent in Texas is actually 17.) Georgie could have a worse punishment than Mandy has.
  • Georgie and Mandy break up in this episode, but they will get back together and engaged at the end of season 6.
  • Sheldon met his old rival Paige in season 4.
  • Sheldon brings up the events of Bible Camp and a Chariot of Love where he reminds Paige that she punched Sheldon.
  • Mandy finds out she is pregnant. But in the near future Georgie does not have children.
    • This is proven to be false later as he ends up being the father of Mandy's baby.
  • Paige felt like an outsider in her college in Austin. Sheldon never told her he lives in the dorm part time and still lives at home.
  • This episode foreshadow's Paige's future in A Frat Party, a Sleepover and the Mother of All Blisters, where she will eventually drop out of college because of how terrible her life is.
  • Paige and her mother will figure out what to do with her life, since she is between 11 or 12.
  • Sheldon mentions that his son Leonard Cooper citing that he's an skater-border since he frequents the skate park often. It is unknown what year is he is narrating from. He is probably narrating all the way to the future. Sheldon is disappointed that he takes up skating.
  • One time Sheldon will want to keep a secret, mostly he never keeps a secret because he is like a person who ratted on people. When he told Missy, she told Mary Cooper and think about talking to her.
  • Sheldon's neighbors that he made friends with never saw his true colors like the The Social Group yet, because he was an arrogant, narcissistic, controlling and looks down on everyone.