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"A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog" is the second episode of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 22, 2024.


Sheldon realizes he is the weakest student in his class; Meemaw is looking to expand her gambling business.[1]

Extended Plot[]

In Sheldon's new grad school, Sheldon gets laughed at by the class and the new professor calls him a "dummkopf", Sheldon realizes that not everybody in Germany is nice. Later, Sheldon tells Mary about what happened at his school and asks her who laughs at someone for not knowing something they knew, Mary tells him that he does.

In the Gambling room behind the video store, Georgie is impressed by how many people there are but Meemaw says it's not enough, Georgie suggests raising the prices but Meemaw says she’s thinking bigger and suggests table games and a roulette wheel, Georgie tells her that it's not a good idea and that table games are very illegal, Georgie asks about what the cops are gonna say and Meemaw says that “they’re gonna thank her for the fishing boat”, Georgie says that he can’t afford to go to jail and that he has a family to take care of and asks Meemaw to take a moment to think about it, Meemaw says fine and after a couple of seconds, she says that she's gonna still gonna do it.

At the Cooper house, Mandy's father, Jim McAllister, visits the house and drops off some of Mandy's old baby stuff, George tells him that Mandy's not in the house and that she took Constance for a Checkup, George offers for Jim to wait and offers a beer, Jim asks about how Mary's gonna feel about having a beer in the afternoon, George reveals to him that Mary’s in Germany, Jim comes inside the house and greets Missy, who is cutting coupons for the grocery store, Jim tells George he’s glad that he got Missy pitching-in in the house, George throws a beer cap in the sink, Missy gets angry then tells George that that's not where the beer caps are supposed to go and that they already talked about that, George apologizes then they go to the living room.

Sheldon tells his professor that he has studied the Calabi-Yau Manifold and that he is ready to reassert himself as class leader, his professor tells him that his classmates are from one of the most elite universities in the world, Sheldon tells him that he would've gotten to a better school but he was 11 years old, His professor tells him about the saying of the “piano-playing dog” and tells him that he’s far behind and he recommends tutoring, Sheldon asks if he's gonna tutor them, or his professor is gonna tutor him, or if he’s gonna tutor him, to which his professor says no but then he calls another student, Ms. Chen, who seems to be much younger than Sheldon, he asks her if she has an Undergraduate degree in education, to which Chim says yes, then he asks her to tutor Sheldon, but both Sheldon and Ms. Chen look unsatisfied.

Later, at the Gambling room, Meemaw puts up a roulette wheel, Georgie asks her where she got the roulette wheel, and Meemaw replies that she knows a guy, Georgie asks her where she got the guy who's housing the roulette wheel, Meemaw replies that he is the guy, Georgie asks if they can even trust him, Meemaw tells him to look at his baby face, and Herman (the guy) said that on a good night, one table can earn a thousand dollars, Meemaw tells him that that's a lot of diapers, and maybe even a nanny, which makes Georgie calm down about the illegal part of it a little bit.

At the Cooper house, Mandy asks Missy if she can watch CeeCee for a little while, Missy says that she could but she has to go the grocery store and dinner's gonna be ready. In the living room, Missy asks if Jim and George are having a good time, to which both of them reply that they are, Missy tells them that it's over and forces them both to go to the grocery store while watching the baby.

In the grocery store, George handles the shopping and Jim handles which coupons to use while watching the baby in the stroller.

Ms. Chen comes in for tutoring, Mary goes to Sheldon's room to tell him but it takes a while to get him to tutoring since Sheldon was feeling terrible about having a tutor, While Sheldon is getting tutored, his tutor hits him with a pencil for getting her question wrong when Sheldon asked why his tutor told him “Pain is the best teacher”, Sheldon tries humbling her by telling her about the piano-playing dog but it backfired as she tells Sheldon that she plays the piano very well.

Back at the Cooper house, While Missy, George, Jim, Mandy, and Georgie are having dinner, the phone rings, George takes it and tells Jim that it's his wife, Jim takes the phone and his wife tells him to go home.

Later in the bedroom, Mandy asks Georgie what's wrong, Georgie tells her about the roulette wheel and is worried about jail, Mandy agrees with him but after he says it could make a thousand dollars in one night, she tells him to do it, and that she’s gonna wait for him while in jail, Georgie gets disappointed that she wasn't on his side, Mandy tells him that she is on his side and that they should marry sooner so she can't testify against him, Georgie asks her that she wants to marry because of love, Mandy points out about the thousand dollars a day and tells him that he bets she loves him.

In the gambling room, Georgie tells Meemaw he's on board with the roulette wheel, Meemaw tells him to watch how the roulette wheel goes but Georgie notices Herman is very unwell, Georgie asks about the roulette wheel, Herman tells him a story about the Dixie mafia, Georgie asks what they cut off of him.

While Sheldon is fighting with his tutor, Sheldon mentions that his teachers were Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis, and while both were extremely smart, His tutor tells him that her teacher was Nobel-Prize Winner, Henry W. Kendall, Sheldon mentions a lot of facts about him but tells her that he has never heard of him.

Meanwhile, Georgie had a nightmare about the Dixie mafia, George goes downstairs and sees Missy in the kitchen, Missy offers tea but Georgie declines and tells her to not be an adult, Missy tells him that it's too late. They both tell each other about how much it sucks being an adult, Missy asks why they're doing it but then she realizes that she doesn't have to.

Sheldon calls Dr. Linkletter, due to the different time zones to Dr. Linkletter it was 3 in the morning, Sheldon tells him about his time in Germany and that he's sad his not the smartest anymore, Dr. Linkletter tells him to ‘Listen’, Sheldon gets confused but Dr. Linkletter tells him to just ‘listen’ and hangs up.

George notices that there's no breakfast, Missy tells him that she made breakfast for herself and that she stopped being an adult, George gets disappointed when he sees the chore chart on the fridge but gets calmed down after seeing Georgie was the one who had to clean the toilets.

Meanwhile, at Sheldon’s grad school, Sheldon is trying his best to just listen in class, even stopping raising his hand when the professor asks a question.

Jim goes back to the Cooper house with a pack of beer thinking they'd do something fun, George makes him join him in his chores and they end up folding a bunch of laundries.








  • Aside from Sheldon being relatively more proficient in German than previously revealed, and a student abroad, instead of a fifteen-year-old visiting professor at the University of Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Physics (TBBT:S1E11), this German arc (YS:S6E19-22, S7E01-02) highlights another retroactive continuity divergence. Sheldon should already know string theory, because a bully chased him through the school library and he hit him over the head with the biggest book he could find (TBBT:S7E20). He should be familiar with pre-requisite differential geometry, including Calabi-Yau manifolds and anti-de Sitter space.
  • Sheldon's "dummkopf" status here is diametrically opposed to his know-it-all characterization in The Big Bang Theory, particularly well-represented in S8E2: "The Junior Professor Solution." He is merely a subject to be surpassed at every turn when encountering a fellow physics colleague, despite being a premier theoretical physicist rarely met by a peer of comparable stature (such as Barry Kripke and Elizabeth Plimpton) as an adult. It is like a "Bizarro" universe Sheldon, characterized by an inferiority complex and a shell of his beautiful mind. (Refer to Paige Swanson.)