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"A Romantic Getaway and a Germanic Meat-Based Diet" is the twenty-first episode and part one of the double season six finale of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 18, 2023.


Mandy surprises Georgie with a spa weekend and Sheldon prepares for his summer in Germany.[1]


In a classroom, Sheldon is eating a German dish as Prof. Linkletter is in the middle of teaching a class. Sheldon is very much looking forward to going to Germany for his summer study abroad, and is trying to get himself accustomed to German cuisine.

George Sr. comes home to see Mary at the table working on getting passports and other details for her trip to Germany with Sheldon. She gives him a list of items to get from the supermarket. Sheldon wants tinfoil added to the shopping list as he wants to block out the windows in his bedroom to acclimate himself to the time difference, from Central [United States] Daylight Time to Central European Summer Time (CEST). George tries to convince Mary that he, not her, should accompany their genius child to Germany.

Georgie is cooking but Mandy comes up and asks if he's busy. She has a coupon for a spa treatment and wanted to use it with Georgie for the weekend; he's not excited about it for some reason. Meemaw could watch over the baby, little Constance.

At the Cooper home, Mary, George and Missy eat dinner without Sheldon, because it's not dinnertime in Germany. It felt different, but Mary wants to go because she wants to take an opportunity to go abroad and travel.

Meemaw comes by and mentions to Georgie she had heard about a spa treatment; something Georgie confirms, and tries to see if his grandmother will refuse to watch the baby so that then he can refuse to go to the spa. Meemaw agrees to watch her little namesake.

Sheldon continues to acclimate himself to German time, eating a German breakfast at a very early hour for Texas. Unfortunately he finds the meal "revolting". Looking outside, he witnesses Missy coming home at that time, and confronts her, and smells the stench of cigarettes. Sheldon feels conflicted and approaches his parents' bedroom door. Mary opens the door and asks her son what is going on, but Missy intimidates him into not revealing that he saw Missy's return from her unauthorized nocturnal stroll.

The next day, Mary talks to Meemaw. Missy and Tonya is are at the kitchen talking about stuff such as the Simpsons. Sheldon is reading a book about the history of Germany but is distracted by Missy and Tonya's conversation, and thinks they're talking about robbing the mall.

George is watching TV and asks Sheldon what's distracting him, a question rebuffed. Sheldon goes to her room and talks to Tonya and Missy about his concern for them. He tells Missy that if he cannot tell his parents, she has to promise to not break any more rules while he's away. Missy "promises" Sheldon so he can leave. Meemaw is making food at her home taking care of the children while making chicken salad. Dale comes in and ask about the smell and wants Meemaw to do something. At the plaza, Mandy and Georgie enter their room; Mandy is excited about it and wants it; The message therapist knock and Mandy welcomes in. While they give a massage to the pair, Georgie was tense while he and Mandy discuss their relationship issues. It was an awkward and uncomfortable situation. Mandy gets up and leaves, saying it he nailed it.

George wants Mary to know that he wants to go. Mary questions Sheldon on what George told him. Sheldon could not hold it in so he reveals that Missy had been sneaking out of the house and he's nervous she might “rob a mall”. Additionally due to the smell of cigarettes, Sheldon tells his parents he thinks Missy might be smoking.

Later on, George and Mary confronted and questioned Tonya and Missy about their mischief during the night. Jeff Difford comes over to the Cooper residence to get Tonya. He tells her to apologize to the Cooper's, their trip to the Noah's Ark petting zoo is cancelled, and her parents are gonna hear from him. Tonya argues that maybe her parents will send her to her fun uncle Jerry. Jeff tells Tonya that Jerry is in rehabilitation as they walk out the door. No sooner had Tonya and Jeff left, George and Mary tells Missy, she is not allowed to leave the house for the whole summer much to Missy's ire.

Sheldon checks up on Missy. He tells Missy that he knows she's angry but he is worried about her. He realizes despite their differences, he will always protect her. Missy angrily whispers “I hate you!” and slams the door.

Mary and George talk about their plans for summer; He will stay home since he has the summer off from school and Mary can go, while he watches over Missy. In an voice over, adult Sheldon says she ran out 32 times and got her belly button pierced, something George never knew nor found out.

At night, George drives Mandy home and Mandy agrees to marry him. He pulls over, and they kiss.





  • Sofia Roisnsky as Tonya
  • Terryn Westbrook as Jackie
  • Pilar Holland as Gloria
  • Jessie B. Evans as Ben





Adult Sheldon (VO): It may have been midnight in Medford, but it was morning in Heidelberg... The perfect time to enjoy a hearty breakfast of leberwurst on pumpernickel.

Adult Sheldon (VO): I'll save you from googling.

Adult Sheldon (VO): I was presented with a moral dilemma.