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A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron is the second episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on September 27, 2018.


When Dr. Sturgis bonds with Paige Swanson, another 10-year-old genius, Sheldon's jealousy leads Meemaw to intervene. Also, Mary invites Paige's family over for a play date.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Sheldon is not the only precocious child in eastern Texas. Professor Sturgis welcomes Paige Swanson to the same university physics class that Sheldon has been attending. Filled with jealousy, he tries to purge his emotions through meditation. Connie suggest Sheldon is filled with envy.

George and Mary talk to Dr. Barry Swanson and his wife Linda Swanson, Paige's parents, about what it's like to raise a child prodigy. There are some similarities: Paige does the bookkeeping for Barry's dental practice, and he paid her in stickers, until she demanded money. Sheldon does the Cooper family taxes, but he's paid in binder clips (note that in "Mitch's Son and the Unconditional Approval of a Government Agency" it becomes a matter of official record that Sheldon is paid for doing the taxes in toy trains; either George Sr. is lying in this episode or Sheldon hadn't yet thought to ask for something more valuable than binder clips).

George and Mary hold in numerous greivances about Sheldon. The Swansons' experience with Paige, by contrast, sounds like a picnic... until George starts giving them beer.

Meanwhile, Georgie and Missy bond with Paige's ordinary sister.





  • Andrea Anders as Linda
  • Josh Cooke as Barry
  • Ella Anderson as Erica
  • McKenna Grace as Paige Swanson


  • Sheldon reveals his birthday as February 26.
    • Jim Parsons would have technically been the same age as the high school students Sheldon went to school with.
  • Mary doesn't have any friends. The only person she talks to Meemaw.
  • Just like Sheldon he doesn't have any friends either, because everyone hates him. His only friend is Tam Nguyen.
  • Sheldon avoids Tam, but Tam actually avoids Sheldon.
  • Barry and Linda's relationship is similar to George and Mary Cooper.




Meemaw: The magic continues.

Sheldon: She's a person. And we all know how I feel about people.