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"A Resident Advisor and the Word 'Sketchy'" is the fifth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode airs on October 27, 2022.


At college, Sheldon decides to expand his responsibilities and become a dorm resident advisor. Also, Meemaw and Dale make a sketchy business deal and Mary and George Sr. rekindle their romance.[1]


Meemaw is visited by Dale by his call. Meemaw says she has the money owed, but she wants to give an opportunity and shows the casino. She wants to expand to the video store next door, as it has lost its lease. She wants to have a video store in the front, but a video poker in the back from machines from Biloxi Mississippi. Dale is hesitant about it. Sheldon calls from School and wants to spend the night at the dorm; Mary says she gives approves. Mary tells George that Sheldon is old enough to stay there, and Missy is having a dinner with a friend so they can spend time at home. Georgie talks to Mandy at work.

Missy comes home at 7pm to her parents at their bedroom; she is disgusted and goes to her own room. Sheldon had decided to sleep in the dorms and moves in. He is not happy with the amount of noise made by neighbors at night and when he comes out, he sees people in skateboarding in the hallways. He goes to the Resident Advisor and sees smoke, but no fire; the resident advisor says he will enforce the rules but does not at all because at 10pm as he is kept up.

Meemaw drives Dale, and Meemaw says she knew a person who was a river boat captain who may be deceased. They meet Dennis at a warehouse and pay him in exchange for the poker machines, where they load it up in their truck and leave. While driving, they realize they are being followed by an orange Ford Pinto.

Sheldon decides to go to President Hagemeyer. He write a list of items to convince him to be a Resident Advisor, and she grants it to him. so he goes to the Resident Advisor and complains; the advisor comes out, and says he will enforce the rules. The advisor does not enforce the rules, and an annoyed Sheldon is not happy while kept up at night, so he decides to complain to President Hagemeyer; he gets the position for Resident Advisor and able to enforce rules. She only made him resident advisor to get him out of her hair and away from her.

In the morning, Mary makes George eggs and pancakes and they kiss. Missy comes by and disugsted by the affection. She grabs the lunch and goes to school. He uses a bullhorn to talk to the rules, but gets it taken away. Someone wlaks past and him and another resident takes it away and holds it into his own room. Sheldon knocks on a resident's door to tell him to turn down the music. He gets rebuffed.

Missy goes to talk to Georgie to talk at Meemaw's house. At the living room, they are watching Die Hard, they have a small fight; Meanwhile, Mary and George are very getting frisky with each other and Mary wants to have a new child.

Meemaw and Dale are at a diner when Dennis comes back. Dennis sayshe knows it is illegal. Dennis says he is not a cop but could call the cops, and wants to come to an “arrangement” about the process. Meemaw says she needs to go to the bathroom, and Dale talks to him alone while she notices Meemaw punctures his wheels. Dale decides to get up and punch Dennis to the floor and leaves. At college, Sheldon is asked by the residents about hot water. Sheldon says he wants them to be civilized and only as a civilized manner. As a result, the residents use scotch tape and stick them to a wall, and shutting him up.





  • The 17th time Young Sheldon Cooper is absent in cold open.
  • Even though Sheldon lives in a dorm room part time, he has become an Resident Advisor.
    • Linda Hagemeyer only appointed to get Sheldon out of her hair and away from her.
  • First time Sheldon's mother did not worry about him staying over.
  • Everybody in the dorm or dorm neighbors saw his true colors and sees him as an arrogant jerk.
  • Mary tells George to lock their bedroom door, but when they're arguing about having another baby and Mary leaves the room mad, the door is unlocked

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  • This episode was originally titled as "A Resident Advisor and the Riviera of the South" but changed before it aired.