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A Race of Superhumans and a Letter to ALF is the eleventh episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on January 3, 2019.


Sheldon tries to teach math to Missy using Socratic questioning and operant conditioning, causing her to punch him when he threatens to damage her Cabbage Patch doll unless she learns calculus. Georgie joins Mary's bible study group so that he can be close to Veronica. They get baptised together, but she punches him when he kisses her. Mary gets upset and both grounds them.


Young Sheldon is watching the 1972 film Conquest of Planet of the Apes. Adult Sheldon remembers fondly about the film. Missy comes in and asks for his help on fractions. It occurs to him that if he can teach Math to his sister, he could create a race of superheros and decides to help. Sheldon and Missy are studying; he explains fractions. Missy is fixated on pie, Sheldon ated on the type of pie The doorbell rings and Georgie opens the door to see Veronica. Having cut her hair, she is there for Mary's Bible Study. Georgie welcomes her in; Veronica thinks hes interested in Jesus.

Meanwhile, Missy improves her math skills and understands fractions. At the Bible study Mary is surprised to find Georgie all showered, cheery, and in attendance. She easily connects the dots when spotting Veronica and tells him to not lie if he wants to be a good Christian. Georgie begins reading at Mary's behest and does it well.   Missy thanks Sheldon for the help; Sheldon wonders If she wants to learn Algebra but is rebuffed. He soon travels to the library in an effort to determine theories on teaching “stupid people”. h on education theory apt for teaching “stupid” people. When the librarian asks him to be more specific, he refers to that time when Missy wrote a fan letter to Alf! Ultimately, he reads a Socrates theory that he could experiment. At school, Georgie tells Veronica that he had a dream wherein God said he wanted him and her to spend more time together – helping the poor and all Christian activities. Veronica agrees to their meeting. Georgie struts off muttering that he's maybe going to hell. Sheldon at home starts recording in his quest to create “homo novus”, or “new man”. George walks in and is surprised as usual George asks what he wants for dinner, Sheldon tries the Socratic theory asking his father in return by giving him hints and it proves to be a success! At the church Mary prays for her family and asks god to help keep Veronica steady on the path of righteousness. Veronica prays for her sister who's in and needs to shift her focus from drugs to salvation. Georgie prays for Veronica to fall in love with him and that if God makes this happen, he'll visit the church every Sunday. He also assures God that if their relationship ever graduated to a higher level, he'd become a devout Christian and preach the same. Mary further thanks God for bringing Georgie to church and since both she and God know why he's come. On their way back home, Mary warns Georgie of taking advantage of Veronica as she's really trying to get better in spite of her troubled family life. Georgie reassures her that they're just Bible buddies and that God should do something about his mother's anger. Mary looks on, shell-shocked and in disbelief. Sheldon goes over to Missy's room, who is listing potential boyfriends for her doll Celeste. cabbage patch doll, Celeste. She finds herself staring down a camera as part of his video diary. Upon learning that it'll be documenting her transformation to future people, she rushes to get into a dressy costume, puzzling Sheldon even more!

At school Georgie asks Veronica if she's free on Saturday. It turns out she'll be getting baptized and Georgie says he'll join in. She expresses her joy on being cleaned of her sins. Georgie concurs, adding they can churn out fresh sins later, causing Veronica to feel awkward. Sheldon complains to Tam about his failed attempt on Miss. The librarian then hands him another book describes usage of punishment or rewards which Sheldon reads and decides to damage her doll Celeste to get the desired results.

Meemaw and George are drinking beer while Mary is in the kitchen. Georgie tells her that she is getting baptized the next day. Shocked, Mary feels his randiness knows no limit, but George finds it okay. With the baptism underway, pastor Jeff starts with Veronica. Georgie stands there wide eyed as he watches Veronica take the holy dip. Things aggravate at home as Sheldon threatens to cut off one of Celeste's pigtails if Missy doesn't dust off her reluctance to study Advanced Calculus. She warns him, but he ends up chopping one of Celeste's pigtails. Hurt and angry Missy gives him a black eye in return. Georgie takes his holy dip next and is still under Veronica's spell so he plants a kiss on her lips in front of the whole church and receives a blow in his eye in return. By the end of the day, both of the black-eyed brothers get grounded by Mary. The next day Missy writes a letter to her favorite alien, Alf, mentioning that hers is pink. The episode ends with Alf reading Missy's letter and asking his secretary, who's apparently not at her place, to get him chicken nuggets and to send one of those pink t-shirts they've got with his face on them to his cute little fan named Missy Cooper.





  • Paul Fusco as Alf
  • Bunnie Rivera as Prayer Group #1
  • Joyce Greenleaf as Prayer Group #2
  • Anthony S. Johnson as Prayer Group #3




  • The TV show Blossom is mentioned in this episode. Mayim Bialik, who played the titular Blossom on the show, also portrays Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory.
  • Vanity card here
  • This is the first and last episode to feature Narration During the Recap Sequence



Mary Cooper: Care to explain yourself?
Sheldon Cooper: I was trying to motivate Missy to expand her intellectual horizons.
Mary Cooper: By torturing her Cabbage Patch doll?
Sheldon Cooper: Well, it's not like I shocked her with electrodes, which was an option.
Mary Cooper: Enough.
Sheldon Cooper: To be clear, I meant to shock Missy, not the doll. That would be an effect--
Mary Cooper: ENOUGH! And you! Getting baptized just to kiss a girl?! What were you thinking?!
Georgie Cooper: Sounds like you know what I was thinking.
Mary Cooper: Well, you are both grounded!
Missy Cooper: "Dear Alf, I'm your number one fan. I like you because you're an alien but you're funny, unlike my brother who's an alien but just a jerk. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your time here on our planet and have found things to eat other than cats. I recommend chicken nuggets. Sincerely, Missy Cooper, age 10."
ALF: "P.S. My favorite color is pink. What's yours?" Ha. What a cutie pie. Hey, hey, Barbara, we got any more of those pink T-shirts with my face on them? I want to send one to this Missy Cooper kid. Oh, oh, and get me some chicken nuggets, huh? Hello? Anybody out there? Apparently not. Barb!
[final lines]