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"A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet"[1] is the 7th episode of Season Seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 11, 2024.


Georgie and Mandy get married! Meanwhile, Meemaw's gambling room gets raided.[2]

Extended Plot[]

Mandy and Georgie kiss

Mandy and Georgie are finally married!

At the city hall, while Georgie, Mandy, Meemaw, Dale, and CeeCee are waiting, Mandy and Georgie are surprised to see the Cooper family (except Sheldon) rushes in, Meemaw reveals that she told them where they're going to get married, Mary asks Mandy if she can watch this moment and asks for forgiveness, Mandy says yes and the consultant asks for McAllister and Cooper to finally get married, but another surprise family (McAllisters) rushes in and George reveals that he had called them, Audrey plead to be apart of the wedding, Georgie and Mandy both agree. They all enter the room to which Jim and Mandy "walk" the aisle, Georgie and Mandy both are finally married. The family celebrate their marriage by having dinner at the Gulf Coast Railway, the men have a long talk about splitting the tab, Meemaw proposes a toast and says a speech about how Mandy and Georgie's relationship started out broken but they got over it. Meanwhile, Dr. Linkletter and Sheldon arrive and they both sit at the table, Audrey apologizes to Mandy for not giving them a proper wedding and offers to pay for their honeymoon which Audrey reveals that it's going to be at Dollywood, Mandy declines Audrey and Mary’s offer to watch the baby and asks Meemaw if she can do it.

Gulf Coast Railway

Gulf Coast Railway.

At Dale's house, Meemaw's having a bad schedule between watching CeeCee and the gambling room, and it doesn't help that Dale isn't helping out.

Meanwhile, while Mandy thinks about getting a wedding ring at Tennessee, Georgie starts a conversation about who gets whose last name, Georgie thinks that him getting the McAllister name is silly.

Mandy and Georgie talking

Mandy and Georgie talking.

While Meemaw shows CeeCee around the gambling room, Meemaw sees the cctv footage of cops outside the gambling room, Meemaw makes a run for it but gets stopped by the police.

At the police station, the police officer is seen playing with CeeCee while Dale arrives and starts questioning Meemaw, where it's revealed that there's no bail until Monday since the judge went fishing, Meemaw forces Dale to take care of CeeCee.

Meemaw arrested

Meemaw gets arrested.

Mandy worries about CeeCee but Georgie calms her down.

Back to Meemaw, the officer puts Meemaw in her cell.

Meanwhile at the Cooper house, while George and Missy are watching TV, George makes Sheldon answer the phone, Dale tells Sheldon to give the phone to George which Sheldon reveals that Meemaw's in jail and is shocked to find out that she runs a gambling room.

While Dale is seen using songs to entertain CeeCee, Mary comes in to take CeeCee while Dale keeps on blabbering that CeeCee likes him.

At Georgie and Mandy's road trip, Georgie asks Mandy if CeeCee's gonna be an only child to which Mandy still wants a career and that she didn't plan on naked babies picking on each-other on it.

Back to Dale, Audrey comes in to again take care of CeeCee, Dale tries to lure her away but it doesn’t work and is forced to reveal that Mary took CeeCee.

Meanwhile, Sheldon blabbers about the illegality of Meemaw’s gambling enterprise and asks Missy if theres other family secrets he doesn't know about to which Missy lies about Mary's prayer garden and tells Sheldon that there’s a dead body there. At the same house, Audrey comes in and is shocked to find out Meemaw's in jail, Audrey and Mary both have a small fight when Audrey finds out Georgie works at the gambling room, the fight endsends when Audrey says that as long as the baby's here, she's here, while Mary offers spaghetti.

Audrey and Mary talk

Mary and Audrey discussing.

Meanwhile, Georgie talks about getting their own place and just wanting to spoil Mandy, while Mandy flirts with Georgie and they both pullover to the side of the road and make out.

Later at night, while Dale drinks beer, Meemaw comes over to pickup her pills and PJ's, but she notices the baby's gone to which Dale reveals Mary took her, Meemaw leaves while Dale is annoyed that Meemaw got pizza while he got cold spaghetti while calling a pizza place.

Meemaw picking up stuff

Meemaw picking her stuff up.

Back at the Cooper house, George and Jim discuss the situation outside the house and they both come in putting on an act, inside, they have an awkward dinner while having an awkward conversation, the two mothers then almost start a fight to which Jim reveals that Audrey's uncle was a bank robber, Audrey gets annoyed while George calms everybody down by telling them that every family has got "skeletons in the closet", while Mary reveals her cousin Janine was a practicing witchcraft while Jim also reveals that his brother William, is a democrat.

Sheldon digging

Sheldon digs Mary's prayer garden.

Meanwhile, Missy tricks Sheldon into digging Mary's prayer garden in hopes of finding a dead body.





  • Mark L. Taylor as Lyndon
  • Rebecca Metz as Officer Gilroy
  • Angela Bullock as Beatrice


  • Joseph J. LaRocca as Police Officer
  • Jo-Anna Pantoja as Woman


Vanity Card[]




(While Sheldon is digging)
Adult Sheldon: "I'd like to tell you, I found something that night, but for once, you all might be ahead of me."