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"A Pink Cadillac and a Glorious Tribal Dance" is the twelfth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on January 20, 2022.


Sheldon attends his first comic book convention. Mary tries selling make-up.

Extended plot[]

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) looking back on different status symbols, including the Mary Kay pink Cadillac Mr. Lundy (Jason Alexander) owns, thanks to being a Mary Kay dude. He had won it for selling those products. One day as he parks somewhere, Mary greets him, who invites her to join his team.= Young Sheldon talks to Dr. Linkletter about spring break. Sheldon wants to know what he is d5ing, but Dr. Linkletter refuses to share. He just tells him to enjoy it. That afternoon, Sheldon attempts to figure out to fill his time in spring break. Missy shows him a show on television of people in a party. Sheldon is not impressed at the content. Missy tells him to go wild. At dinner, Mary talks to the family about the Mary Kay proposal. George is not necessarily on board as it cost money but Georgie is intrigued. He gives Mary some advice on how to handle things, which only annoys Mary. Missy is excited about it until Gene Lundy tells her she will need to invest some money. The next day, per suggestion, Sheldon goes wild by taking a walk outside on the streets of Medford.. He stumbles across King Kong comic shop. On the windows was a poster for Texarkana -Con, a convention that features a lot of things. He talks to Nathan, who is excited to attend as well. Sheldon is convinced as Star Trek will be there. Mr. Lundy tells Mary lots of information in order to become a Mary Kay girl. She is hesitant about spending money at first, but she is finally convinced to do so, much to his delight. He tries to help her prepare, starting with putting on more makeup and helping her find her inner power. As she polishes her sales techniue, Sheldon comes home, wanting permission to go to comic-con. Mary says no, but Sheldon tries to convince her to let him go. She still says no, but he tries to convince her she can sell makeup there. Mr. Lundy then tells him no. Sheldon tries convincing Georgie, George, MeeMaw, and President Hagemeyer to go to comic-con, while Mary tries selling makeup. She tries to pitch to Brenda Sparks, Peg, and Meemaw, but only Brenda buys something. She bought something more than the basic starter kit, much to Mr. Lundy's delight. He helps her take it to the next level by convincing her to sell it at Bible study and to Missy. That night, he sees an advert saying that Star Trek minus William Shatner will be there. The next day Sheldon sneaks off. He gets a ticket from Medford Station, and boards a bus, all the while wearing his Star Trek costume. On the bus happened be Nathan and Mr. Givens, who is shocked to see Sheldon. Nathan gets into a debate with Mr. Givens about Star Trek vs. Lost in Space....only to get into another Star Trek debate with Sheldon. It was a long debate. Adult Sheldon says it was the best spring break he ever had....until he got caught and had to face the wrath of Dad. Mary hosts her Bible study to sell her pointing out that cosmetics are mentioned in The Bible. The members are intrigued about it and one buys one pack immediately. The episode ends with Mary having nightmares about selling makeup. Gene Lundy in her dreams to sell more. Missy had borrowed makeup from her friends, but gets an infection to the horror of her mother.






Vanity Card[]



  • Hubert Givens is a fan of the "Lost in Space" franchise and dresses as Dr. Zachary Smith.
  • Sheldon's friend Nathan is played by Steve Burns from Blues Clues from 1996 to 2002 before Joe (Donovan Patten) took over. Burns also performs the theme 'Mighty Little Man'.
  • Mostly Sheldon starts his spring break, he was planning on going to comic con.
  • Springbreak 1992 and Sheldon is still in his freshman year in college.