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"A New Weather Girl and a Stay-at-Home Coddler" is the nineteenth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 4, 2023.


Mandy gets an exciting job opportunity and Sheldon worries that he's falling behind. Also, Georgie takes his daughter to work.[1]


Given that the sports announcer on the KGMQ local news is filling in for a pregnant weather woman, Mandy decides to apply for the position. Georgie fails to be supportive at first. Mandy goes ahead with the audition, and leaves little Constance with Georgie.

Then Georgie takes the baby to the secret gambling room, and reluctantly allows one of the regulars to touch the baby's head for good luck, and it works. Other gamblers want that luck, so Georgie decides to charge each gambler $5.

Meemaw shows up to confront Georgie about upsetting Mandy, and is dismayed to see one of the regulars holding her little namesake.

At the KGMQ studios, Mandy's doing very well, until she realizes that she's lactating unexpectedly. So she improvises. Coming back to Meemaw's house, Mandy's glad to hold little Constance in her arms, despite the baby smelling like cigarettes due to several smoking gamblers touching her for luck.

Meanwhile, at East Texas Tech, a conversation with Sam leads Sheldon to worry that he won't get into grad school. Both Sam and Sheldon have a year to go of undergraduate studies, but Sam wants to get ahead because she says grad school's very competitive.

Sheldon consults with Prof. Linkletter and Prof. Sturgis, both of them confirm what Sam's saying. Sheldon then desperately searches for a summer program to beef up his curriculum vitae.

At home, Sheldon complains bitterly to his mother saying that her coddling caused him to be complacent about grad school. Sheldon also has the gall to say to Missy that she wouldn't understand his "grown up problems". Missy doesn't particularly care, until she realizes that if Sheldon goes to grad school far away enough, he'll move out.

Sheldon goes to apologize to Linkletter and Sturgis for his earlier remarks. Sturgis reveals that he made some calls and found an opportunity for Sheldon to study abroad in Heidelberg, Germany. Linkletter promises to help Sheldon pack, making the pledge first in German and then in English.






  • Sheldon mentions his grant database in response to Sam asking him about accomplishments that could help him get into grad school. The database might not help, though, as Sheldon admits it was a failure.
  • Mostly Sheldon does not get away with anything and her mother does not cut Sheldon any slack and why he left for Caltech at Grad school at 14.



  • There is another fictional television station with call letters KGMQ in the Arrowverse.