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"A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture" is the 12th episode of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 9, 2024.


George Sr. gets an exciting job offer, and Sheldon prepares for his move to California.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Sheldon plans to do so many more things before his move to Pasadena: Last visit to the comic book store, last lunch with Tam, and another one included by Mary: a family portrait. Adult Sheldon narrates on how annoying and irritating the tradition of family pictures are, George comes in and agrees with Missy that they don't want to wear the blue bonnet, while Mary demands that they take the family portrait.

Job offer

Principal Petersen talks to George.

At Medford High School, Principal Petersen reveals to George that he had recommended him to a famous college, Rice, but George has to discuss the job opportunity to Mary first since it's in Houston, Texas.

At the comic book store, Sheldon's friend, Nathan, is also there as well, Sheldon reveals to Nathan that he's moving to Pasadena, California and asks if there's any good comic book stores there, after the conversation, they depart while Adult Sheldon narrates that after that, he never saw him again.

In the bedroom, George reveals to Mary that he had been offered a job offer at Rice University, Mary supports him and thinks that this is a good time considering that Sheldon's moving, Georgie and Mandy's starting a family, and Missy's switching schools, Mary tells George to take it and George hugs Mary.

Last dinner

George reveals the job offer he got.

Later, at dinner, Mary and George reveals to the family about the job offer and the move, Missy is excited while Sheldon is upset and leaves the dining room to eat in his room, while he still has one. George and Mary talk to Sheldon and tries to get him to agree with it to no avail, so Mary snaps and says to Sheldon that this is a very exciting offer for his father and makes him return back to dinner.

Tam and Sheldon

Tam and Sheldon.

Sheldon goes to his old high school to have lunch with Tam, Tam reveals that he had graduated last year and that he has a girlfriend but Sheldon continues to interrupt him with his problems, Ms. Hutchins comes in while Sheldon is glad to see her with no wedding ring, Sheldon then goes to Mr. Givens's class to reveal his move to CalTech while Mr. Givens says good luck to Sheldon in a Sheldon-y way.

Sheldon's next destination is Dale's house, Sheldon tries to get Meemaw to buy their house with the logic of her losing her house and her complains about Dale, Meemaw declines while Sheldon heads on to Georgie and Mandy to which they decline, Sheldon's last resort is Pres. Hagemeyer, she declines and while Sheldon heads out, she crosses a day off her calendar.

Mary and George gets a realtor to look at their house, they go to the bathroom then to Missy's room which is surprisingly clean and they see a well-behaved Missy, they head on next to Sheldon's room to which they see Sheldon disinfecting the radioactive materials he had left from the americium problem, George asks the realtor to not write that down.

George looks at the roof to see if there's anything wrong with it, Georgie comes in and asks George if he should be the one doing that, George comes down and gets the stairs out while Georgie helps.

Sheldon comes to Missy's room to ask her if she's nervous, Missy declines and even says that she's excited about it, Missy then asks if Sheldon's nervous which Sheldon says so, but Missy assures him he's gonna meet other smart weirdos, and maybe even a weirdo girlfriend.

The next morning, Sheldon eats breakfast while Missy mocks his clothing as Mary forbids him from wearing a beekeeping uniform while Missy begs her to reconsider for her own selfish needs. When Missy and Sheldon refuse to do the photoshoot again, Mary forces them to attend regardless. He then cheekily threaten his mother that if he gets so much as a bee sting, he will turn her into Child Protective Services, as she ignores him much to her annoyance. Mary reminds them about the family portrait at 4PM, George comes in and prepares to leave for work. He asks Missy if she would like a ride to school, but she'll take the bus. George tells his family he'll see them later, but the only one who responds is Mary reminding him about 4pm.


After hearing the news.

That afternoon, while everyone else is almost ready for the portrait (with Sheldon wearing peppermint oil as a bee repellent), George still hasn't turned up. While Georgie and Mandy go to change CeeCee, a distraught Principal Petersen and Coach Wayne arrive at the house and inform the family that George had a heart attack while at work. Missy asks if he's okay, only for the men to confirm that George didn't survive. As the rest of the family break down in tears, Sheldon sits down struggling to process what he has just heard.








  • This is the last episode whose title follows the naming convention of a list, which began with "Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System", the second episode of the series.
  • George was offered a coaching position at Rice University. Tragically, he never got the chance to do it because of his fatal heart attack.
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Tam Turbulence", adult Sheldon's very reason for having a grudge against Tam was because Tam did not move to California with him when Sheldon was nervous about being at Caltech by himself. However, in this episode, Sheldon seemed fairly excited about the move and hardly cared about what Tam had been up to since graduating high school.
    • Sheldon could have become homesick later on, and that is when Tam offered to be his roommate, only to go back on his word and remain with his girlfriend in Texas.
  • George died on a Monday.


(At dinner)
George: "I got a job offer from Rice."
Georgie: "A-roni?"
George: "University!"
Georgie: "You can understand the mistake."

Mary: "Sheldon, this isn't about you. This jobs is good for your father and our family, so you're gonna have to deal with it! Now pick up your plate and get back out there and have dinner with your family while we're all still together."
Sheldon: "Yes ma'am." (leaves)
George: "Dang, that was hot."

Meemaw: "What am I smelling?"
Sheldon: "I'm wearing peppermint oil, it's a natural bee repellent."
Missy: "You smell like a candy cane."
Sheldon: "Don't lick me."

(Ending scene with the Coopers preparing for family photo except George)
(someone knocks on their door)
(Mary opens the door and sees Principal Peterson and Coach Wayne)
Mary: (instantly worried) "What's going on?"
Coach Wayne: "Mary, we got some bad news."
(Missy and Meemaw come to the door)
Mary: (frightened) "Where's George?"
Principal Peterson: (hesitantly) "I'm so sorry."
(all three instantly know something terrible has happened)
Principal Peterson: "He, uh... he had a heart attack."
Missy: (tearing up) "He's okay, right?"
Principal Peterson: (near tears himself) "He's gone, Mary."
(Missy and Meemaw burst into tears and embrace, followed by Mary. Sheldon, in complete shock, slowly sits down to process the news)