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"A Musty Crypt and a Stick to Pee On" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of American sitcom Young Sheldon. It aired on December 17, 2020.


Dale and Meemaw work out relationship issues while playing Dungeons and Dragons with Sheldon and Missy. Also, Mary and George take a trip with Coach Wilkins and his wife, and Georgie freaks out when his girlfriend thinks she's pregnant.[2]

Extended Plot[]

Adult Sheldon and Young Sheldon narrate a voice over together about Dungeons and Dragons. Mary is not very interested but is happy Sheldon is getting along socially and playing with other kids. Adult Sheldon says he doesn't believe in God, but loved feeling like one.

Mary goes to answer the door. It is George's friend Coach Wayne Wilkins who is there to watch the game. He brings up a conference he and George are going to and asks what Mary is bringing. He is unaware that Mary was not invited. Mary is now upset and takes it out on George when he comes home with beer for the game.

Missy comes in to say hello to Wayne and asks where her dad is. Wayne tells her that her mom is yelling at her dad. She says cool and sits down to watch the game.

Mary asks Meemaw to watch the kids over the weekend while she is at the conference with George. Meemaw says she and Dale might hang out, but doesn't mind watching the kids because the changes in Dale are weird and unnatural, like watching a dancing bear at the circus. She then asks where they are going and teases Mary about weaseling herself in.

Georgie asks George about the weekend plans and George tells him he cannot spend time alone with his girlfriend on the weekend because Meemaw will be there. He then thinks that he can spend time at her house, but George shuts that plan down immediately.

Mary says goodbye to Sheldon and he makes her repeat all the plans she already told him. She asks for a hug and he obliges.

Georgie is at work when his girlfriend Jana walks in looking nervous. He finishes taking care of a customer and goes to talk to her about plans for later. She says she needs a pregnancy test and he kicks out a customer walking in.

Mary and George drive to pick up Wayne and his wife to drive to the hotel. George describes it and Mary gets upset that he didn't mention there was a pool. They begin arguing, but stop when Wayne and Darlene get in the car. They act like there was no argument happening, even though George makes it super obvious.

Dale, Meemaw and Missy discuss pizza ordering when Dale asks what Sheldon likes. Missy calls him a pain in the ass and MeeMaw asks what he wants on his pizza. Missy screams for Sheldon, who doesn't want pizza or any kind of food. He is upset his friends won't play D&D with him, so Dale offers to play. MeeMaw asks if he knows what he is getting himself into. Sheldon explains it to him and Dale still agrees to play.

Georgie gets the pregnancy test and gives it to Jana. He said nobody recognized him and that he used an Italian accent just in case. She thinks he is joking, but he proves he is not. He tells her to take the test, but she explains how she has to pee on it. He says they did crazier things in the vehicle and she just rolls her eyes.

George tells everyone he made reservations at the steakhouse. Wayne says he forgot his dress shoes causing Mary to be snarky and argue with George. Darlene says she has to deal with this too, so Mary thinks it is not just them with issues. However, Darlene says that she packed his shoes and they have a sweet moment making Mary think it is just them.

Sheldon explains D&D to everyone. Missy insists on being a Ninja Turtle Princess of Power, which Meemaw also wants to be. Sheldon explains they have to pick from a list of characters, so Missy decides to be a wizard so she can change into the Ninja Turtle Princess of Power.

Dale asks more questions, so Sheldon explains the rest of the game. MeeMaw and Dale choose their characters with Meemaw questioning his motives.

As Jana takes the test Georgie fantasizes about life as a dad, which includes marriage, turning down a chance to play with Guns N' Roses and working two jobs. As he stops daydreaming, he realizes this is a long ten minutes.

George, Mary, Darlene and Wayne discuss marriage and how they put up with each other. Wayne and Darlene say that communication is key.

Jana says she is not pregnant, so they hug it out. Georgie says they better stop or she will need another test to pee on.

Dale, Meemaw, Missy and Sheldon play D&D, which leads to a fantasy segment and Dale fighting with MeeMaw. Dale asks for some privacy with MeeMaw and Missy says they are still going to listen. MeeMaw and Dale begin to air their grievances.

Wayne and Darlene continue to help Mary and George with their communication skills and make them say what they appreciate about each other. They agree the other works hard and make sacrifices, which leads to Wayne saying they should say they appreciate him. George tells him to shut up.

Georgie and Jana talk about blue raspberry and blue foods being a problem that needs to be solved in the country. They then talk about the pregnancy scare and he says he was afraid he was going to have to marry her. Jana gets upset and he tries to talk his way out of it, but only makes it worse.

Meemaw and Dale continue to fight over their issues and his proposal. Missy wants them to communicate and to know why she turned him down. They agree they liked things the way they are and he goes to get a beer because Meemaw tells him she misses the old Dale. Sheldon then changes the subject to the game.

The episode ends with the fantasy D&D acting and Missy changing herself into a Ninja Turtle Princess Power.







  • Title Reference: The locale for Sheldon's D&D game and Jana's pregnancy test.



  • Missy said she wanted to be a Ninja Turtle Princess of Power as her D&D character. Chuck Lorre, the creator of the show, did the music for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, particularly the theme song. The "princess of power" part may be referring to She Ra: Princess of Power cartoon series from 1985 (or the possibly unrelated "princess of power" toy line from the same time), of which Chuck Lorre had nothing to do with.
  • In this episode, Sheldon plays Dungeons and Dragons, which his older self is shown playing in The Big Bang Theory. In The Big Bang Theory episode: The D & D Vortex (2019) (Episode 12.16), he and his friends try to crash Wil Wheaton's game involving celebrity guests.