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A Math Emergency and Perky Palms is the fifteenth episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 7, 2019.


Adult Sheldon remembers his 100% scores and that one 95% shook his core. Cut to young Sheldon starting dismally at his score on Dr. Sturgis's paper, which he lost points for not using Maxwell's equation. He is not happy at home. At church, Mary goes to discuss Sunday bulletin and advance-ordering palms for Palm Sunday with Pastor Jeff. Peg is outside with a cigarette and at a typewriter, and Mary is concerned at the amount of coughing coming from Pastor Jeff's office. He has a cold and sick. Seeing his condition, she asks him to go home or see a doctor. Jeff feels it's not an option as his wife probably won't take care of him and he has to aid the walkers for marriage counseling and asks her to fill in. He soon departs, leaving Mary both anxious and happy with the new responsibility.

The next day, the librarian Sheryl asks Sheldon why he is in the library while missing second period; he replies that he is solving a critical Math emergency. She praises him on the 95%, but judging by his displeasure she flips her smile upside down.

Mary waits for the Walkers nervously, and upon arrival, they are puzzled to not see Pastor Jeff. Mary says he's home sick and they're in good hands as she's been married fifteen years. The session begins and soon it turns out that though the couple's been all hunky dory since dating days, they're now having trouble in the bedroom. Mary's takes a deep breath in.

At school, George finds Sheldon in his office using the phone to call Dr. Sturgis. He ignores it as he's in a rush for class. The call connects and Sheldon informs Sturgis about how he was not wrong and can prove so. They meet up in the evening, joined by Meemaw as well. According to Sheldon there are more ways to solve besides Maxwell's equation and tries to justify it. Sturgis doesn't buy it but appreciates his efforts. Feeling belittled, Sheldon expects to be treated like a colleague and not a child. Sturgis agrees and calls his “way of approach” the stupidest thing he's ever seen. Hurt, Sheldon runs into the bedroom crying. Meemaw is pissed at Sturgis for treating Sheldon that way.

At home, Mary excitedly tells George about her new in-charge role and her maiden marriage counseling - how the Walker's sexual problems resulted from the stress that Mr. Walker bore at work. George wonders what job role would cause such stress. When Mary tells the guy owns “Pretty Petunia” the flower shop he throws in a smirk.

At dinner, George asks Sheldon if his Math emergency was solved. Both Sheldon and John refuse to talk about it. Pastor Jeff gives a call, where Missy picks up and calls for Mary. Georgie is confused about the “Math” emergency and Sheldon tells it when a scientist is too immature to admit his mistake, infuriating Sturgis. He barks at him for commenting on his know-how having so little experience. Meemaw interjects asking Sturgis to correct Sheldon instead of berating him like a big old jackass. He reaches his breaking point and abandons the Coopers in anger. Simultaneously, Mary comes back and breaks the news of visiting a shut-in coyly, grabs a bun and rushes back in. George sits there puzzled wondering what the hell is going on. Later that night, he tells Sheldon to respect adults no matter what as they're elder than him.

At night, Mary visits the shut-in to bring dinner for Mr. Gilford who's a loner and not a big fan of conversations. After he's had his meal, Mary cleans up the wrappers and sits to keep him company. He is surprised she wants to stick around and questions her on the same. Mary starts quoting scriptures which suggest people must look after fellow men and how its their duty. Mr. Gilford seems irritated as women don't preach in church and doesn't want to hear her recite The Bible. Offended, Mary corrects him that she's not in church as she's rather in his disgusting living room. He looks around the ghetto space, as it is true!

Meemaw apologizes to John for calling him a jackass and Sheldon's difficult nature. John says he was upset because Sheldon was indeed right and his old age affecting him. Meemaw realizes the other day she lost at Bingo without realizing it. She asks him not to be too hard on himself and vouches to lose steps in unison. At school, Sheldon's in the library and Sheryl asks if he got that Math emergency sorted. He says no, thanking her and asking how's she doing in return. Puzzled, she asks since when has he been interested? He says his father's asked him to be polite to old people. Lowkey offended, she asks him to take a guess her age. Sheldon identifies it as a trap question, again, thanks to George. He guesses she is fifty-three years old, which catapults Sheryl to depression as she pushes the book-trolley ahead with sadness flooding up her soul.

At the church office Mary is searching for binder clips and soon Jeff returns, looking sick and exhausted. Mary asks why's he not resting at home. He blames his unhappy marriage and deviates the dialogue to how she's been holding up. She gives a positive report about the Walkers who'll be multiplying soon and grimaces upon remembering her shut-in visit. Jeff asks her to give Mr. Gilford a pass after all he's been through having been a genuine war hero. Mary feels sorry and takes permission to give him another visit at the shut-in. This time; however, she's alarmed as no one answers her repeated knocks at his door. She walks in with food in her hand and is shocked to see him deceased. The police come in and take care of things.

John returns the paper to a surprised Sheldon, this time with 100% score, admitting his mistake and asking him to take errors as manifested learn opportunities henceforth. Adult Sheldon remembers it to this day and vows to straightaway admit when he's proved wrong, in the future.

Next Sunday. Pastor Jeff invites Mary to come speak at the dais. She speaks about Mr. Gilford- the 45 years of his glorious married life, his family, his service to the country in the army and his unapologetic love for the Dallas Cowboys. She invites the congregation to join her celebrate his life at the American legion and ends her speech asking for volunteers who'd help her sort Mr. Gilford's house. The Walkers raise hands to help!





  • Barry Corbin as Mr. Gilford
  • Megan Park as Francine
  • Bryce McBratnie as Elliot


“You look terrible" - Mary

"I feel terrible" - Jeff

"Well then go home let your wife take care of you." - Mary

"You’d think She’d do that but no." - Jeff


  • The first TV show Mr. Gilford was watching was an episode of "Hogan's Heroes."