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"A Lot of Band-Aids and the Cooper Surrender" is the thirteenth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on January 27, 2022.


Sheldon makes friends with his dorm neighbors. George Sr. learns his job is in jeopardy.

Extended plot[]

The episode opens with Sheldon learning to enjoy the perks of university. Mary sets up the bed, using the unscented detergent. Sheldon had his own bathroom. One thing he will never get used to is the fact that college students love blasting rock and roll music. He remembers not liking noise, so he goes to complain to his neighbors Darren and Oscar. However, they are impressed with him and his video game skills, so they invite him in to hang out. Darren asks him to come in and play games with him after Sheldon reveals that he and his Meemaw have beat Quest Of Adeera. Sheldon reveals he is 12 . Oscar says that Sheldon's mom is hot. Mary and Meemaw take Missy shopping for clothing at Gilbert's. Missy wants something, but Mary does not want certain cool clothes. Meemaw reminds Mary that she already has one kid who is getting picked on. Meemaw agrees to pay for her outfit.

Principal Peterman calls George to his office. George is told about his football team having a very bad year. Peterman had heard bad things about the team even at grocery store, gas station, and the barber store. He said the boosters have the pitchforks and George needs to talk to them; his job is on the line.

At school, Sheldon is playing games with Oscar and Darren. They will have Chinese food, and asked Sheldon to stay. Mary tells Sheldon no and Meemaw is on her way; the two boys are strangers to her and she is making Italian food.

George walks to his office and tells Coach Wayne that the boosters are not happy. Wayne says the boosters have so much money and donate for the team; he also reminds George cannot disrespect and insult their children.

The next day George yells at Georgie for drinking the last of the coffee and picks a fight with Mary. Missy is also in a bad mood, but ends up bonding with Georgie over growing up on the way to school.

While George tries to fight for his position and get advice from fellow coaches, Missy changes into her new outfit at school. Two classmates Heather B and Heather M compliment her skirt. At the same time, they tease her for not shaving her legs. She tries to shave after getting home from school but ends in disaster. She cries to Meemaw, who patches her up and comforts her. She had said she knew how to use bandaids because of Sheldon's injuries before.

Darren asks Sheldon to play D&D, but he is not allowed to stay out. He calls home and George lets him spend the night. Mary hears and is not happy with this act; he reminds her that this is one thing off her busy schedule daily.

Mary picks another fight with George because she is afraid Sheldon will fall into peer pressure. George assures her it will be fine and if Sheldon were so worried about fitting in, he wouldn't go around in a bowtie.

Missy and MeeMaw have a heart to heart, which makes Missy feel better about school and being bullied. Mary goes to pick up Sheldon, but is still arguing with George. He finally admits that he could lose his job, and she hugs him. Sheldon is in a session of Dungeons and Dragons with Oscar, Darren, and Abby. Sheldon starts to get sick from too much candy and soda. Darren tells Abby to help him and act motherly but she tells them to call his mother. By the time she arrives, Sheldon throws up all the skittles he ate.






  • Sheldon is 12 in this episode. This proves this episode takes place in 1992.
  • But he is still freshman in college.
  • His friendship with his dorm neighbors is similar to The Social Group but they hated him and wanted to get away from him because of the same reason why everyone hated him. His dorm neighbors haven't seen his true colors yet, so that's good.
  • Sheldon might think about moving into the dorms in the future episodes and declaring his independence if he still keeps living at home and the school is one hour here.



  • Heather M. and Heather B. appear for the first time in the series. Prior to this episode, both girls were only mentioned in passing references, and were also known to be some of Missy's friends.
  • This is one of the few times Sheldon actually develops bonds with his fellow college students.