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"A Lobster, an Armadillo and a Way Bigger Number" is the fifteenth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 3, 2022.


Sheldon joins Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis on a science road trip. Also, Georgie continues to lie about his age.[1]

Extended plot[]

The episode opens with Dr. Sturgis, Dr. Linkletter and Sheldon working on their project in a laboratory. They print out some data and have 3 digit significance and need it to be higher. That means using a better telescope, and that can be accomplished via a trip to the Radio Telescope in the Davis mountains. They talk to President Hagemeyer, who approves of it and tells Linkletter and Sturgiss that Sheldon must go with them.

At the Laundromat, Meemaw meets and talks to Mandy, wanting to get to know her. Mandy talks about her life a bit more and what she has done. George enters and rushes to talk to them. After Meemaw leaves, Meemaw talks to Georgie, but he is so in love with her, he refuses to take her advice.

Sheldon comes home and wants Mary's AAA card for the trip, and tells her all about it. She says she will talk to the Drs. before giving permission. Dr. Linkletter and Mary talk it out and Sheldon gets permission to go on the trip. Dr. Linkletter reluctantly lets Sheldon to travel on the trip, in spite of his reluctance.

Later on, Sheldon is planning for the trip. He asks George if he should talk to his tripmates about their bathroom habits so they know when to stop, but George advises against it. Missy walks in, wanting to know what is going on. George says Sheldon is going on a trip. Missy is upset overall at her parents because Sheldon has more freedom. George reminds her it is just a school trip, and nothing more.

Georgie talks to Dale for advince on dealing with Mandy. Dale thinks that it is bad thing that he is lying to her and Georgie needs to open up about his age. Georgie still thinkts she is blonde, hot, and has no kids nor ex-husband. Dale guesses that situation is ok.

Dr. Sturgis, Dr. Linkletter and Sheldon go on the trip, where they argue over music, food, bathroom habits, and car games. Linkeltter makes him play a game where he counts out of state drivers, but silently. Sturgis got a permit but never a full license, but then wants to give it a try. While he is driving, he ends up hitting an armadillo. He freaks out, leading to the trio trying to get it help. George tells Missy to get her shoes on so they can do something fun. She wants to drive, but he says no. He takes her to Red Lobster, but she is embarrassed to be seen there with him. He agrees to take her somewhere else.

Dale is over at Meemaw's place when Meemaw figures out that he gave advice. He did tell the truth but Meemaw thinks he did a poor manner of doing so.  Georgie and Mandy decide to go to his place, because it was either his or being next to her parents’ bedroom. As they are on his bed, he has a devil/angel moment with MeeMaw and Dale in his brain. It gets resolvd when she takes her shirt off.

George takes Missy out to someplace where she may like. Missy and George bond over burgers. She says things are changing as she is getting older. He agrees and they joke around a bit, agreeing to find a new name for their daddy-daughter dates. Missy goads George into letting her drive the truck so she can learn; this leads to her speeding down the parking lot. The guys end up in a dive bar to get the armadillo help. The bartender Pat threatens them to kick them out as she is disinterested in Yankees, but Sheldon sets her straight to allow them to use the phone and yellow pages. They make a few phones nad yellow pages. ow pages.

Dr. Sturgis tries to get an actual hospital to save the armadillo, but it ends up dying when he is on the phone. He is upset because he thinks that could be him one day. They all reflect on the end of life when Sheldon suggests they celebrate the life of the armadillo. The bartender kicks them out. They put theeir own burial and celebration with mariachi music as the episode comes to a close.






  • Mandy could go to jail for statutory rape and be registered in sex offender registry if Georgie comes clean or his parents find out.








  • Sheldon manages to convince Pat to give them the phone in order to call for help, they end up calling a hospital hoping to convince a doctor or a nurse with a weak spot for animals because the veterinarian is not answering their phone call. Pat's actress Stephanie Hodge actually played a starring role on a popular medical television series in the early 1990s.